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Explore with me now this lost, mythic age and discover in it the ancient roots of our own world. Wander with me down the darkening halls of time and find at their beginning the place where legends were born. Read with me the pages of our tattered history and mourn with me the fleeting glimpse of our faded glory and lost promise.
–Fiadan the Sage, in the Year 2664 of the Deluene Calendar

Dawnforge, a roleplaying game available for download through and, is a unique fantasy campaign setting for the d20 system from Fantasy Flight Games. The Crucible of Legend book provides everything you need to run adventures and campaigns in this mythic setting. Players can take on new adventures and exciting campaigns in the Dawnforge universe or introduce the blossoming magical powers and epic locales of the world of Eadar to their ongoing campaign.

The universe of Dawnforge swells with magic and wonder, and heroes of legend walk the streets of grand empires just reaching their golden age of fruition. Heroes in the world of Dawnforge are not just uncovering artifacts of great power, they are forging their own items of legend. The characters that players create in the world of Dawnforge become the myths and legends that define and shape the future of civilization.

The home of Dawnforge is Eadar, a world at its peak. The land is lush, the civilizations are rich, and the peoples are prosperous and filled with magic and life.

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