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Advanced Doll [Audiobook]

Advanced Doll [Audiobook] (audio product)

This is a supplement for Doll. This supplement adds rules for additional players, additional events to drive your story through additional twenty minute sessions, and as many other rules as the author, Tobie Abad, could fit. ...   [click here for more]
Ginger Goat  Pay What You Want

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Beyond the Open Door Audio Enhancements

Beyond the Open Door Audio Enhancements (audio product)

Download these free audio enhancements for the Beyond the Open Door Adventure Campaign. Bring the adventure to life and treat your players to a whole new level of campaign immersion. ...   [click here for more]
Terra-Sol Games LLC   FREE 

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Hael: Eurellia - The Pirate Haven

Hael: Eurellia - The Pirate Haven

Patrick Taylor & Joe Sweeney Present... HAEL: Eurellia - The Pirate Haven Daeorc slaves! Kirene pirates! Human scum! Id-fiends! Octopsi! Fights! Pies! Everything you need to save the Daeorc Dominion in another great adventure in HAEL, the world where the Orcs won the war. East of Glowbane, hidden among the islands where...   [click here for more]
StoryWeaver  $3.95

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Master Dungeons (Atomic Array 017)

Master Dungeons (Atomic Array 017) (audio product)

Master Dungeons (Atomic Array 017) Aeryn Rudel and Harley Stroh, talk about the Master Dungeon adventure series from Goodman Games. In January, Ed got a chance to watch Harley run M2: Curse of the Kingspire at Dungeons & Dragons Experience. It looked so good, we had to invite him on to the Array. We asked Aeryn to tag along to talk about the line as a whole. Trivia: Harley likes...   [click here for more]
Moonstew, LLC   FREE 

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Rapture: The End of Days, Sci-Fi Soundscapes Set 1 - Void Souls

Rapture: The End of Days, Sci-Fi Soundscapes Set 1 - Void Souls (audio product)

Ethereal Heaven or Industrial Hell? Need some tension or general creepiness in your sci-fi games? Planning a terror-fest with Rapture: The End of Days? Then be quick and grab this set of Rapture Soundscapes. Void Souls gives you four moody, chilling tracks that offer majestic space scenes through to claustrophobic bio-weapons labs under lockdown. Not quite music, not quite noise,...   [click here for more]
StoryWeaver  $2.99 $1.99

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Rapture: The End of Days, Sci-fi Soundscapes Set 2 - Save Our Souls!

Rapture: The End of Days, Sci-fi Soundscapes Set 2 - Save Our Souls! (audio product)

If seeing is believing, then hearing is fearing... Think of all the great horror you've ever experienced. What was the scariest? The monster reveal and all the blood? Or all the lead up, with the creepy music, the strange noises (things that go bump in the night), the frightened voices, and the things you COULDN'T see? If you went for the latter, then you are in the majority. So to give...   [click here for more]
StoryWeaver  $2.99 $1.99

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Rapture: The End of Days, Sci-fi Soundscapes Set 3 - Demanding Demands!

Rapture: The End of Days, Sci-fi Soundscapes Set 3 - Demanding Demands! (audio product)

You better give them what they want, man... The shots are fired, the demand is made, and the brigands are at your door (or in this case, airlock). What do you do? Roll over and give them what they want and just hope they don't throw you out an airlock, or do you fight back, risking the ship, the crew, and your own, precious life? While these decisions are being made, you need some good, tense,...   [click here for more]
StoryWeaver  $2.99 $1.99

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Somnium Mundus: Audio Enhancements

Somnium Mundus: Audio Enhancements (audio product)

Welcome to the Terra/Sol Games audio enhancements for the Somnium Mundus adventure. Here you'll find audio files that will bring the Somnium Mundus adventure to life. Simply combine this audio product with the free tileset pack and you have an adventure experience like no other for your players. Perfect for convention games too. Another free game enhancement from Terra/Sol Games! ...   [click here for more]
Terra-Sol Games LLC   FREE 

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The Eternal Lies Collection [BUNDLE]

The Eternal Lies Collection [BUNDLE]

THIS IS A BUNDLE PRODUCT. WHEN BUYING THIS ITEM YOU WILL RECEIVE SEPARATE DOWNLOAD LINKS FOR EACH PRODUCT LISTED BELOW... The Complete Eternal Lies Suite Regular price: $14.95 Bundle price: $10.00 Eternal Lies Suite A double CD of haunting, atmospheric music for the upcoming, world-spanning Eternal Lies campaign, now featuring a voiceover by Wil Wheaton! James Semple...   [click here for more]
Pelgrane Press  $39.90 $29.95

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[Runequest] Outpost Qether

[Runequest] Outpost Qether (audio product)

Outpost Qether, for use with the new version of RuneQuest is a setting guide to the westernmost Tirasim frontier. This outpost is home to all sorts: traders, criminals, farmers, and military men. It's a place where hope is fading fast now that the Judges in the capitol Arioch have decided that the fifty-year-old installation has outlived its usefulness. Unless someone finds a good reason for the outpost...   [click here for more]
Super Genius Games  $6.00 $3.99

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