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IVe Races: The Elkram

IVe Races: The Elkram

The Elkram are the newest edition to the Poison Ivy Press family of excellent races for your D&D 4th Edition game! Designed to be used as both a playable race, and as NPCs/villains, this supplement is a perfect edition to any campaign. This new race is packed with all of the extras, and as always, delivers all of the tools you need to add new characters and encounters to your adventure. We provide...   [Klicke hier für weiteres]
Poison Ivy Press  $2.50

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IVe Races: The Kroola

IVe Races: The Kroola

Ahoy there, Kapt’n! Tired of pitting your players against the same old orcs and kobolds in every campaign? Well give the swabbies somethin’ to cheer about, and send them on a rip-roaring adventure with the Kroola! Whether you’re roamin’ the swamps, sailin’ the seas, or just need a tough-as-nails mercenary to get the job done, the Kroola are ready for any kind of campaign!...   [Klicke hier für weiteres]
Poison Ivy Press  $2.50 $1.99

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Kroola: Koldbloods and Karnivores

Kroola: Koldbloods and Karnivores

They're back!! In this free supplement for The Kroola, we've brought you a whole second round of content for using kroola in your campaigns! In case you missed them before, kroola are seafaring, swamp-dwelling brigands with regenerative cells, a love of the fight, and a penchant for violent pranks. Good natured, they make fierce enemies, trustworthy allies, and a great addition to any campaign!...   [Klicke hier für weiteres]
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