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Alien City Ruins

Alien City Ruins (audio product)

Dusty ruins on a distant planet -- the kind of abandoned alien cities investigators are likely to explore... or to be inexplicably lead to by the machinations of cruel gods. Nothing in such an environment sounds right. Footsteps echo strangely. The wind howls overhead and at times seems to speak with the voice of the city's long dead builders. Ancient alien technology, or perhaps the residue of faded...   [click here for more]
Sonic Legends  $2.99

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Cyberpunk (audio product)

This is the bleeding edge where hot flesh and cold steel merge. This is drowning in a sea of 1s and 0s. This is cyberpunk, where man and machine are one and the same. Some dance on the strings of their megacorporate masters while others hack and crack and eat the system out from the inside. Jack in, power up, burn out. Gritty, industrial rock with heavy guitars. Great for futuristic or post-apocalyptic...   [click here for more]
Sonic Legends  $2.99

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Derelict Starship

Derelict Starship (audio product)

The adventurers find themselves exploring an abandoned starship. Faint lights flicker dimly down long corridors. Equipment lies dormant, engines quiet. No signs of life are apparent, but there is a sense of foreboding as they wonder why the ship was abandoned in the first place. Perhaps there is life still here after all... Ambient music, no sound effects. Great for almost any sci-fi game. Instrumental...   [click here for more]
Sonic Legends  $2.99

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Palace of the Galactic Emperor

Palace of the Galactic Emperor (audio product)

Titanic doors harder than steel and etched in gold slide away revealing throne room of the most powerful being in the Galaxy. The throne hovers majestically within a field of thrumming antigravity while gilt service robots flit like cherubs through the refined air. A mix of synthesizers and exotic instruments from the farthest worlds play the anthem of the mighty empire as the Emperor himself ascends...   [click here for more]
Sonic Legends  $2.99

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Space Battle

Space Battle (audio product)

Drop out of hyperspace and into the heart of battle, where titanic starships fire planet-shattering weapons and starfighters duel across a sky ablaze with atomic fire. Screaming engines shine brighter than the stars themselves as empires clash across the galactic battlefield. Great for sci-fi and space opera games. Music and sound design by Matthew Steckler. Artwork by Ville Nummisalo. Sonic Legends...   [click here for more]
Sonic Legends  $2.99

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The Otherworld

The Otherworld (audio product)

When someone dies, this is the first point of their journey. It is here that they are judged. Here it is decided where they go next. It's also a place where those who travel between the worlds can go. A highway, or a hiding place. Sometimes people fall into it by accident in dreams, or in times of severe trauma. If they aren't guided somehow, they may wake up madmen... or not at all. It's not an evil...   [click here for more]
Sonic Legends  $2.99

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Wonders of Space

Wonders of Space (audio product)

Floating through space in a great ship, the adventurers see all sorts of wonders, gazing through the giant window. Or perhaps they are exploring an alien cavern, or an awe-inspiring planet no one has stepped foot on before. Outerspace ambient music, no sound effects. Great for almost any sci-fi game. Also excellent for guided meditation and yoga. Music by Christy Carew. Sonic Legends soundscapes...   [click here for more]
Sonic Legends  $2.99

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