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Bladestorm "Box Set"

Bladestorm "Box Set"

This PDF "Box Set" contains all the book material from the original Bladestorm Box Set: 64-pg Rulebook containing simple, concise introductory guidelines, as well as a host of standard and optional rules which are perfect for full-blown battles. 160-pg Bladelands Sourcebook containing everything you need to know about the Warring Holds, the setting for the scenarios. You also get 26...   [pulse aquí para ver más]
Metal Express  $20.00

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Gamemaster Law

Gamemaster Law * 

The essential tome for GMs! How many players should I try to handle at one time? Will my game be more successful if I focus on political intrigue or on simple adventuring? How can I pull the characters from the jaws of death without it seeming contrived? How can I keep the "power" in my game from getting out of hand? If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, then this reference...   [pulse aquí para ver más]
Iron Crown Enterprises  $18.00

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RMFRP Character Law

RMFRP Character Law * 

Add the power of expanded character development to your game. Character Law is the utlimate player's guide for Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing.   Double your available professions and triple your races and cultures. Enjoy more than twenty new training packages along with new skills and skill categories. Customize your characters using comprehensive background options: status,...   [pulse aquí para ver más]
Iron Crown Enterprises  $15.00

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Rolemaster Classic Character Law

Rolemaster Classic Character Law * 

A Classic Returns. Rolemaster, the greatest RPG system of all time is back. Rolemaster Classic: Character Law marks the return of the original revered Rolemaster system. This volume encompasses the Character Law section of the hallowed "red border edition" Character & Campaign Law and has been completely updated and expanded. The original Character Law pioneered...   [pulse aquí para ver más]
Iron Crown Enterprises  $16.00

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Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing

Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing * 

Prepare yourself! You are about to begin your journey toward the ultimate fantasy role playing adventure! We know you have great stories to tell and fascinating characters to play. So do your fantasy justice and use the most flexible rules around: Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing. Why have your grand tales limited by the rules you use? Choose the system which tells your story your way. Rolemaster...   [pulse aquí para ver más]
Iron Crown Enterprises  $20.00

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