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Odin: The Viking Allfather

Odin: The Viking Allfather

Odin, the dark and mysterious lord of Valhalla, looms over all of the ancient tales of the Vikings. With his brothers, he formed the world from the body a giant, then went on to seek greater wisdom by sacrificing himself on a tree and trading one of his eyes to a witch. With this vast wisdom, he sits upon his throne, gazing over the nine worlds, watching for anything that might threaten his people....   [cliquer ici pour plus]
Osprey Publishing  $17.95 $13.95

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World of Darkness: Combat

World of Darkness: Combat

When Diplomacy Fails... Not all conflicts are resolved with politics and manipulation. Survival is a tricky business, and the average denizen of the World of Darkness had better know a thing or two about fighting. Once the Black Spiral Dancers smash your door into toothpicks, or the Spectres boil howling out of the Tempest, there's no more time for words. It's Time to Beat...   [cliquer ici pour plus]
White Wolf  $8.99

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