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2300AD Core Rulebook Revised
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2300AD Core Rulebook Revised


Sekai’s augmented reflexes saved his life yet again, as the silent White Wing swooped down at him, talons extended, mouth opening to deliver its disorienting scream. He dropped to the ice-encrusted snow, while his pistol, the big Rawlings Blackbird, seemed to leap into hands. His aim dropped to the White Wing’s bird-like head as it oriented on him, his finger tightening on the trigger as the beast tore loose its scream.

2300AD is set in a hard science world, as mankind struggles to gain and maintain footholds on over two dozen alien worlds. Nearly 300 years after a near-apocalypse, mankind has taken to the stars, only to find others already there, waiting. While these aliens are a constant worry, or even threat, the struggle for life on the frontier grips most colonists, while the worlds and nations of the Core turn ever inward, lost in digital dreams and augmented realities.

2300AD features a richly-developed hard SF universe, with ships spinning against the night, and only the faster-than-light drive, the stutterwarp, a true violation of physics as we know it. Airships, helicopters and hovercraft are common sights on the worlds of the frontier, while spaceplanes and rockets carry explorers and traders to orbit, and from there the great starships carry them across the stars.

2300AD features expanded character generation rules, nearly three dozen world maps, rules for cybernetics, genetic-engineering, new aliens,  new equipment, weapons, armour, vehicles and spacecraft.

The Traveller Core Rulebook is required to play 2300AD.

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Customer avatar
Rory H October 25, 2014 8:46 am UTC
This may seem desperately finicky, but is it possible for the publishers to format their ebooks with a eye towards Apple Mac’s Preview app? Mine automatically formats the cover of the book in it’s library icon - so that the cover is shrunk on the screen. This is because the cover in the file is formatted smaller than the other pages. So could it be formatted at the same size as the other pages?

In a similar vein, and this document is far from being the only one, could there be an automatic blank page after the cover to format each two page spread as it is meant to be? I’m tired of having to insert one in every book to be able to read it in it’s intended format!

Not sure who is listening, but if anybody is, it would be a welcome action on your part.
Customer avatar
Benjamin S November 24, 2015 11:16 am UTC
I would appreciate those intentionally left blank pages, too. It would make it easier to print the pages in the correct order (even pages left, uneven pages right).
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