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Kaos Island
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Kaos Island

Copyright 2012 Winged Warrior Publishing (ASCAP).  All Rights Reserved!
Song Length = 3:33
Audio = Stereo MP3
Sample Rate = 44,100 Samples/Second
Bit Rate = 192 Bits/Second

Style = Cinematic / Soundtrack
Theme = Kaos Island, home of uncountable terrors!

Excerpts from A Timeline to the Future found in Kaiju Kaos – The Miniatures Game, Basic Rules:

April 1, 2003: The Rift, a tear in the fabric of the space-time continuum, causes tectonic movements, and volcanoes around the globe begin to erupt. Ash and lava claim the lives of millions. Ten miles off the shores of Argentina, a small island emerges from the sea offsetting the tidal patterns and shipping lanes throughout the general vicinity. Immediately politicians, paramilitaries, prospectors, and businesses begin bidding on ownership of this potential new island nation. The press dubs the island "Rift Island". The energy of the Rift awakes many dormant supernatural powers and creatures across the globe and causes temporary blackouts in major metropolitan areas.

2009: The UN lifts its ban on scientific travel to "Rift Island" and puts the island up for public auction. The Beng-Arii Syndicate purchases the island under the pretense of scientific research. The budding MegaCorp quickly populate the island with a state-of-the-art research facility and a security outpost and officially name the island, Kaos Island.

Dr. Kaos relocates to Kaos Island to conduct his experiments on the indigenous life. In solitude, Dr. Kaos continues his work in the biological manipulation of human genetics in the pursuit of perfecting a warrior enhancement serum. With his every success and even in failure, it is getting harder for the Doctor to keep his activities hidden from public eyes.

2011: Dr. Kaos synthesizes Serum 49, an experimental growth serum, and creates Giant-sized Emperor Scorpions that he unleashes into the wild of Kaos Island.

2012: Dr. Kaos infects a handful of Beng-Arii Troopers with Serum Z and unleashes them on the opposite end of Kaos Island; the doctor outfits each Zombie with a tracking device.

2013: A 3.5-Ton meteorite lands on Kaos Island, near the northern shoreline. Dr. Kaos and a team of Beng-Arii Syndicate scientists immediately begin to examine it. After months of experimentation, including gene cataloging and splicing, Dr. Kaos successfully mutates alien insects found on the meteorite into gigantic monsters that now freely roam Kaos Island. These monsters, exhibiting sentience, become known as Acid Belchers and Flame Blasters.

March 1, 2013: The Beng-Arii Syndicate declares Kaos Island to be a sovereign nation and begins building an army. Seemingly overnight, thousands of Troopers and Specialists appear.

Kaos Island is an original song by Stratos that intertwines musical cues, sounds, and themes to provide players with a suitable ambience when recreating events on the Beng-Arii stronghold.

Kaos Island is track number 15 on the full-length CD, Kaiju Kaos – The Soundtrack, Vol. 01 (Bailey Records, 2012) available through and at shows. Kaiju Kaos – The Soundtrack, Vol. 01 is part of the Futuristic Universe catalog (future / sci-fi music) of Bailey Records Composition and Sound Design. Additional Futuristic Universe catalog releases include Mecha Vs. Kaiju – The Soundtrack (Bailey Records, 2007) and Rezolution – The Soundtrack (Bailey Records, 2009).

Be sure to click the Full Preview link below to visit Stratos’ profile on where you'll find a full-length WMA version of this song.

Visit or our official forums at for more details on Kaiju Kaos – The Miniatures Game and all our music releases. We’re also on Twitter at,, and Thank you for your support!

  • Kaiju Kaos – The Soundtrack, Vol. 01 cover art by Sean Forney, Joshua Warner, and Nate Lovett.
  • Futuristic Universe logo by Cline A. Siegenthaler –
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