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Starmada Nova Rulebook

Starmada Nova Rulebook

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Starmada™ is a miniatures board game of starship combat. At its most basic level, players take command of space fleets in a general attempt to reduce each other to just so much space junk. At its most advanced, the game can be customized to breathe life into any science fiction background that players might imagine.

Novices shouldn't fret; the core set of rules has been designed with simplicity and ease of play in mind, accessible even to beginners. On the other hand, seasoned veterans should find the concise nature of the rules quite refreshing. It allows players to concentrate on the finer points of squashing their opponents rather than arguing about rules interpretations, without sacrificing any of the flavor or excitement of more complex games.

Simple, but not simplistic, is the guiding principle.

The Nova Rulebook represents a new beginning for The Universal Game of Starship Combat. While in some ways this new edition is notably different from previous incarnations of the game, at its core Starmada remains the game players around the world have grown to know and love. Within this book, players will find:

  • Streamlined inertial movement, with optional movement systems to encompass a wide range of settings;
  • An intuitive combat system, including three distinct and layered types of starship defenses; and
  • The most comprehensive set of starship construction rules available in any game currently available!

Dozens of stand-alone options and advanced rules are provided, from which you may pick and choose to fit your desired level of complexity and create the type of game YOU want to play!

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August 31st, 2014
Layout -- POOR. Boring layout, limited art that is pristine but not interesting or inspiring. There are not many pictures depicting space battles, neither inside the ship nor outside in space! The cover of the book is EXCELLENT, whoever designed the co [...]
Alexander O. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
April 6th, 2012
This edition of Starmada has all the strengths of prior editions: (a) a sort of elegance in the ruleset that allows for deep tactical options, while retaining a clarity of statement and explanation. Plus, the guiding rule of simple, but not simp [...]
Thomas H. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
April 6th, 2012
Having played a few games of Starmada Admiralty Ed. with my group I jumped at the chance to get a review copy of the new edition. Everything we griped about from AE sems to be fixed; the more over-the-top weapon options have been dialled back, movement [...]
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