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Hael: Night of the Long Fangs
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Hael: Night of the Long Fangs

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Patrick Taylor Presents...

HAEL: Night of the Long Fangs

800 years of peace broken…

Daeorcs, descendants of the orcs, rule the Dominion of the north.

Yeana, children of the gnolls, control civilisation in the south.

Outlaw Humans, Kirene druids, and Halfling outriders live in the wasteland in-between.

...From the sky come two groups of strangers, bringing their war with them!

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On the surface life appears to be continuing as normal in the Dominion, perhaps because the city is separated from the Nuclarine by the raging waters that cut through Crossplains, but underneath that thin veneer there is blood-magic, treason, and plot!

The Daeorcs make the rules in Glowbane, suited to them and their Daeman cousins, and the Yaena, Kirene, and even the untamed Halflings and Humans are expected to follow them. Where official authority ends the Daeorc monks, the Kara’krus, are always around to enforce the will of Atlash.

Glowbane is a port city, and like all such cities it is possible to find anything the heart desires, or desires being done... even a cruel heart without mercy...

Night of Long Fangs is the second Game-in-a-Can for HAEL, the Savage Worlds rules and setting book for the world where the Orcs won the war!

‘Long Fangs is set in the Dominion city of Glowbane, land of the Daeorcs, and the Dominion city closest to the border with the Yaena Empire.

It can be played as a direct follow-on from the free introductory adventure Burning Bridges which can downloaded from Storyweaver, or it can be played as a stand-alone adventure.


Please note: you will require both the Savage World Core Rules (Deluxe or Explorer edtion) and the Hael Core Rules pdf to utilise this adventure as written.  

After playing Night of Long Fangs your campaign will grow to include several of the Key Players in Hael. The player characters should be well on their way be becoming seasoned veterans, and ready for the next Game-in-a-Can from Storyweaver.

Welcome to Hael — the fast, furious, and fun fantasy world where the Orcs and Gnolls won the war – now adapted for the Savage Worlds rules. 

Hael isn’t just another world – it’s a journey into the heart of war, ambition, and drama! On the way you will visit a sorcerous Dominion ruled by Daeorcs, the descendants of Orcs; an Empire where the Yaena, the children of the Gnolls, have perfected the arts; and a wilderness where the untamed Humans, Halflings, and Kirene endure a daily life-and-death struggle to survive.

Hael Core Rules are also available from DriveThruRPG!

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Want to know more?  Then check out our first ever Teaser Trailer for Hael, available to view on the StoryWeaver Games Youtube Channel!
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May 14th, 2012
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