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Neo-City Archives: Introduction
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Neo-City Archives: Introduction

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Welcome to Neo-City, the City of the Future!

The City of the Dark Future, that is.

Launched in 2035, this floating city is a nation unto itself, built by the corporations for the corporations, a proclaimed utopia in a world settling into dystopia. It is a city where ruthless competition is the order of the day, everyday, where no national government stands in the way of big business seeking its goals.

Where the sun shines, the wealthy with their decadence and corruption live and flourish. Where the sunlight never goes on even the brightest days, the destitute and abandoned struggle to survive. In the deepest bowels of the darkest recesses of the city, nightmares thrive.

Neo-City is a floating city with a population of roughly 4.5 million. The city is built in the form of a massive catamaran, each floating hull measuring miles in length. One hull carries corporate offices and condo towers, the other bears a massive airport and seaport. Belowdecks of both hulls is filled with industrial facilities, research labs, and shelters for the massive population. The superstructure connecting the two hulls, the ‘Tween, consists mostly of commercial space and housing.

It is the year 2040.

Neo-City is the center of a new cyberpunk setting for use with D20 Modern, Interlock Unlimited and Moderna. Some may be familiar with it from the days it was content for Cyberpunk 2020, but the material has been completely rewritten and drastically expanded.

In this booklet, we provide a bit of fiction and a brief history of the city to provide you with a feel for the setting.

The entire setting will be produced as small, rigidly organized modular components from which you can pick and choose for use with any cyberpunk style setting you might be using.

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