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Soul-Thieves of Mars
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Soul-Thieves of Mars


Adamant Entertainment is pleased to present Soul-Thieves of Mars, an adventure for our Savage Worlds setting of swords and science beneath the moons of Mars!

“I brought some things for consignment...” Argol the Weaver said, laying out three intricately-woven bolts of spidersilk on the counter. “Some of my best, don’t you think?” he said, running sensitive fingertips across the textured fabric. He waited for his old friend to respond in a deprecating manner, as the first stage of their long-standing haggle over prices, but Sajal Gax said nothing.

“Is everything alright? Have you spoken to the Magistrate?” Argol listened intently, but heard only his friend’s shallow breathing.

“Perfectly alright.” The merchant’s slow response was low and devoid of emotion. “There was no need to speak to the Magistrate. I will pay you nine alvash for these.” Each coin clinked with machine-like precision as the merchant counted them out onto the cool marble countertop.

Argol hurried from the shop, barely remembering to sweep the coins into his hand, and nearly toppling a bolt of cloth from its rack as he fled. Slipping through the door and into the marketplace, he was irrationally certain that he could feel Sajal Gax’ hollow-eyed gaze following him...

The heroes are hired by a trade caravan as guards, and travel to the city of Ban Ma Terril.  One of the merchants of the city, a weaver named Argol, warns them that something is going on -- people in the city have begun to act strangely:  hollow, as if their wills were not their own, as if someone or something had stolen their very souls!

The investigation will lead to mystery, intrigue and murder, as the heroes are drawn into the machinations of a secret society that threatens the entire Red Planet!

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