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Spacemaster Tech Law - Vehicle Manual
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Spacemaster Tech Law - Vehicle Manual

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Havagract reversed the polarity on his drive, rocking forward as the inertial dampers fought to keep up with a sudden blast from his foe. his control panel exploded in a shower of sparks. Not good. All his weapons were redlining, and damage control had failed to reroute power. He had to get far enough away from the planetary atmosphere to kick in the quantum drive.
He brought the craft into a tight orbit. His pursuers might be faster, but all objects orbit at the same rate, and only Havagract would be foolish enough to attemp a close forcedorbit around a gas giant. If he could come out with enough of a lead, he just might make it...

Inside you will find every type of vehicle a privateer could desire - marine ships, aircraft, ground conveyances, small spacecraft, and even decommissioned gunboats. Take a test drive in a Death Howl II Heavy Fighter, or perhaps in a "Light Horse" Class FAV, or even in a suit of APE Orbital Drop Armor.
Bored with the standard, assembly line models? Try customizing your own state of the art vehicle using complete construction & design guidelines with comprehensive sets of features, quirks, and flaws.
Also included are complete combat rules, 10 attack tables, and 6 critical tables focusing on vehicles, ordnance, and infantry untis.

Pilot the best & blast the rest!

Tech Law - 3 volumes, the perfect tool for customizing technology in your science fiction game. Look for Equipment Manual and Robotics Manual to add even more tech to your game!


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