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Spacemaster Tech Law - Equipment Manual
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Spacemaster Tech Law - Equipment Manual

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The cat pounced again, and Christian swung his sword. The monoblade clashed with the cat's hazzok, throwing Christian to one side and bruising his shoulder as 250kg barreled through where he used to be standing.
Christian scrambled back to his feet, just in time. He didn't know why the cat was after him, but when a Falar wanted you dead, you usually died. He swung again as the cat charged. This time several supports cracked and the scaffolding slid to a bit of an angle. Not good. The cat was crazy. What was he thinking?
It didn't matter. Christian didn't need to think like a cat. He needed to think like a monkey. What could a monkey do that a cat couldn't?

This Equipment Manual provides everything an enterprising privateer can carry - and more! Picture yourself in kinetic armor with a needler in one hand, a monosword in the other hand, and a sniping plasma-carbine with holo-sights on your back. How about adding on a thruster pack, a medscanner, a sneak suit, and a velocity shield? Going camping? Try anti-glare lenses, a vapor canteen, and an environment tent. With the right connections, you might even be able to load up with professional and military grade gear.
Also included are 5 critical tables, 16 attack tables, complete tech level benchmarks, and guidelines for construction & design, malfunction & repair, and breakage.
Outfit yourself for adventure! Dress for the kill! Equip to the max!

3 volumes, the perfect tool for customizing technology in your science fiction game. Look for Vehicle Manual and Robotics Manual to add even more tech to your game!


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