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Dungeons Of the Week: Lawbreach City
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Dungeons Of the Week: Lawbreach City

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Lawbreach City is a massive prison but it was not always such. Once it was a great dwarven sronghold. It filled the entire mountain of Overlook. The local bugbears and later the invading humans of Asan thought the mountain had been just a mine. The dwarves spread that rumor to protect the bones of the dead dwarves within the mountain.
The mountain has been overrun with foul creatures and has been sealed and guarded since Asan took the throne four hundred years ago. Guards are posted at the single entrance to the rest of the world. The gate is made from solid iron and barred with five heavy iron bars across the door.
Traditionally, in the Kingdom of Asan condemned criminals are remanded to Lawbreach City for the rest of thier lives. Traitors, murderers, rapists and rebels are forced through the Iron Gate, never to return.

This pdf introduces players to a MASSIVE dungeon which is actually 11 dungeons of progressive difficulty from Level 1 through 15 and escape...if they survive. An entire campaign within a single mountain.

Each dungeon level is its own seperate pdf with its own wandering monster tables and denizens. 

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