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Guildhalls of the Deathless
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Guildhalls of the Deathless

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When you come to this guildhall, you come to learn the value of value.

We walk in the flesh divine. Born of gold, we stride among the basest metals of man, learning the unfixed worth of each thing… apprehending the Dedwen of the living world.

We do this not merely for our Judge, nor even for the greater glory of the gods, but to manifest the unutterable greatness that is our birthright, burden, and ultimate borne.

To this guildhall, one comes not to learn the oldest rites of burial, nor the latest sacred scrawl, but to learn and then embody the great lesson of greatness—to live inside the reality that binds all things, great or small, of value:

Greatness is worth.

— Merew-Tjaw, the Anointed One

This book includes:

• A look inside the secret traditions and structures of the five Arisen guilds, from the shadowy envoys of the Maa-Kep to the forbidden arts of the First Prophets among the priests of Irem.

• A host of new mechanics options, including dozens of new Affinities and Utterances, as well as systems for adjudicating changes in guild status and a new sub-type of khat-based ritual magic.

• “Crucible of Fate” — a complete Mummy story that Storytellers can run alone or as the first chapter in an ongoing series called The Avarice Chronicle.

Note on the Print Editions: Standard Color uses a thinner paper stock than Premium Color, basically the same paper as the Black & White books. This usually means the colors are less vivid, but it also means the price drops a bit per page in the production process. Examples of pages: Premium Color vs. Standard Color.

    Mummy the Curse

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    Rezensionen (7)
    Diskussionen (4)
    Customer avatar
    Jose B December 04, 2013 2:14 pm UTC
    Ordered my discount copy. Cant wait to have the physical book!
    Customer avatar
    Joe L December 17, 2013 12:22 am UTC
    Hey, Have you received your copy? I have two questions 1) It was the standard print, correct? 2) does the Standard print look good or no? because I am trying to decide if I want the standard discount or just shell out the extra cash for the Premium.
    Customer avatar
    Christopher H November 27, 2013 2:16 pm UTC
    STILL disappointed that this was not just included in the book in some way. WW/OP already know they are going to make money off of it at this point, and the larger the "Stretch Goals" the more they make. Don't get me wrong. I want them to make money so they keep doing it, but calling it a goose and getting an opossum is not cool. To call it a stretch goal is misleading at best. To me, "stretch goal" would mean something that would be more of a benefit to me, Not just Richard. At least in the normal sense of the idea of "investment". I mean, hell, we still took the risk that the book could have potentially NOT gone to print. Stated themselves. Likely just for legal reasons though.
    Customer avatar
    November 27, 2013 6:44 am UTC
    I had heard that those of us who purchased the PDF version when it first became available would be receiving "coupons" to lower the cost for the POD version appropriately? Just curious (I'll be getting the POD version regardless on next pay day). :)
    Customer avatar
    steve P October 28, 2013 12:14 pm UTC
    PLEASE make this available for POD!
    Customer avatar
    CA S November 05, 2013 9:03 am UTC
    It should be coming soon, now. :)
    Customer avatar
    steve P November 27, 2013 4:20 pm UTC
    Yay! Print copy ordered :o)
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