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Bits of Darkness: Dungeons

Bits of Darkness: Dungeons

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100+ descriptions to liven up any dark place.

Bring new life to your dungeons by adding short "bits" of description to energize your adventures. Never have to tell your players a room is "just empty." The descriptions are designed so that they can be randomly generated as you play or placed with malice aforethought. For example, instead of saying "The room is empty," a GM can whip out Bit #47 and read, "You come across a backpack that appears to have been ripped open by a clawed hand and teeth. Its worthless contents have been scattered around, torn, and trampled..." and so on, painting a picture to add spice and interest to your dungeon, crypt, or other dark place. Essentially, nothing in your dungeon has changed. There is still effectively nothing there, but is no longer "just another empty room!"

Bits of Darkness: Dungeons is written to be of use to both experienced and inexperienced Game Masters, particularly those who (for whatever reason) find themselves short on time or creativity. It is created to be an "on the go" product, which means you don't need to read the entire work before you can use it.

This book includes 100 Bits of description, and 6 Shards. The Bits are small pieces that can be stuck in, anywhere a little description is needed, and are numbered so they can be used randomly. Shards are slightly larger, and may depict a particular place or event, or set a feel for an area. The material is also indexed a number of ways to allow a GM to easily find a description to fit a particular circumstance. Each Bit is also provided in index card format for ease of use by Game Masters.

As a special bonus, we have included 8 descriptions that could be used in a catacomb area, and some "Bits of Trouble," a few tricks or traps to keep players on their toes. In addition, some descriptions are graphically depicted in the excellent interior art by the Carmona Brothers.

Bits of Darkness: Dungeons uses material from the SRD, but could be used in any fantasy setting with very minor modifications.

Augment your imagination with products from Tabletop Adventures! This is part of the "Harried Game Master" line of products, providing the materials we've always wished to have.

22 pages plus index cards; 40 pages total.

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July 6th, 2011
This download was a welcome addition to my collection. Even after thirty years of collecting and DMing, it helps to get some new ideas injected into the game, and Bits of Darkness: Dungeons does exactly that. This book contains six Dungeon Shards (enco [...]
July 14th, 2010
A nifty booklet giving tidbits that can be used rolled randomly or selected for use in any dungeon. Lots of the bits can be used as Adventure Seeds as well, which makes them doubly useful. I'll be pulling this out for my next dungeon crawl. [...]
February 3rd, 2010
Bits of Darkness: Dungeons is a very good idea and well executed. The concept is to provide a dungeon designer with little interesting characteristics of each room of the dungeon. Some of these details are more thorough with plot hooks, treasure, & [...]
January 26th, 2010
An absolutely essential piece of equipment for the tired GM for keeping the mood during the late hour playing sessions. I love this book and my players too even if they don't know it's not me and my imagination. Well laid out, well written and the card [...]
October 18th, 2006
Wow. I'm gonna buy all of these in the future. IT was very well layed out and the descriptions where all top notch. my players didnt even know i was pulling material from a book. and it really created just the right mood that i was looking for.<b [...]
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