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17 Magic Hats & Helmets

17 Magic Hats & Helmets

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17 Magic Hats & Helmets

17 Magic Hats & Helmets is the latest book in our "17" series, and this one is going to make your head spin (in a good way). It starts out with a page of mini quests to spice up your game, then leads into the powerful magic hats & helmets! Also included is bonus material from PIG games -- Disposable Heroes!

Written by the amazing Eytan Bernstein, this book defines the following:

1. Cornucopia of Plant Mastery.
2. Crown of the Storm God
3. Dragon Helm
4. Hat of Preparedness
5. Helm of the Chain Devil
6. Helmet of Cerebration
7. Nevoltain’s Hat of Habitation
8. Mind-Helm
9. Mnemonic Device
10. Ophidian Turban
11. Sea-Captain’s Hat
12. Sircella’s Metalline Circlet
13. Skull of the Death Bringer
14. Skullcap of Identity
15. Sral-vijan’s Crown of Balance
16. Tiara of the Fey-Princess
17. Wizard’s Hat

This product comes with a landscape PDF for easy onscreen viewing (fully bookmarked), a portrait PDF for easy printing (also fully bookmarked), and a Rich-Text-Document version for easy cut / copy / paste (because we KNOW what a pain in the ass it is to copy/paste from a pdf).

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Mark G. [Featured Reviewer]
October 1st, 2005
?17 Magical Hats and Helmet? is a 36 page product that presents 17 new magical hats and helmets to enhance you game. The magic items range in cost from 6,500 to 450,000 gp allowing them to be introduced into a game from low levels to epic levels. The [...]
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