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LotFP Referee Book (old Grindhouse Edition)

LotFP Referee Book (old Grindhouse Edition)


The new printing of the LotFP Referee book is taking way longer than expected (surprise), so with no in-print Referee book the geniuses over at LotFP thought that maybe some sort of Ref information should be available. So here, free of charge, is the Referee book that was included in the Grindhouse set.

Keep in mind that LotFP is a living game and this PDF here is four years old. The next printing of the Ref book will be a complete rewrite and expansion (will be at least three times this size), new layout and graphic design, all new artwork, etc.

This PDF does include the beginning adventure A Stranger Storm, which will not be reprinted.

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April 24th, 2017
I downloaded LoFP Referee Book for Drivethrough RPG I read some of it and became intrigued enough to print it out. (I am old and find reading text on the computer tedious. So I often print out my PDF's) So I put in some high quality paper and to [...]
October 19th, 2016
One of the best Referee books I've read. It doesn't only handle the boring crunchy stuff, but also explains the feeling this system's supposed to evoke and why the author made it that way. I certainly don't agree with everything, but the written out re [...]
May 28th, 2016
Well, what can I say? You get a GM guide for free, which is a great help for a "Retro-clone" newbie like me! Now if only the tutorial book was available as well... [...]
September 16th, 2015
An excellent read. As an old DM I found this rivitalising! [...]
August 29th, 2015
I do not respect any book which uses the nonsensical, loaded words homophobic or homophobe as derogatory or derisive terms, as the sweeping majority of people so labeled have no irrational fear of queers. [...]
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