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Fantaji Universal Role-Playing Game
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Fantaji Universal Role-Playing Game

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The new Fantaji Universal Role-Playing Game features a sharp d10 system that stays simple and concise without ever feeling "lite" or "generic." Despite being easy to learn and portable to any world or campaign setting, the corebook provides tools for a deep and thematic role-playing experience right out of the box. 

  • All the rules of play right at the beginning of the book
  • Build a deep, three-dimensional character in minutes (even your first time)
  • Tons of examples on every page, with extended examples of scenes and campaigns
  • Features 4 original campaign settings and 11 "mods" to help you localize Fantaji to your own world
  • Gorgeous, full-color art throughout
  • Excellent for extended campaigns and one-off adventures both, even with your favorite minis!
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY! We've played with kids as young as four. Really. No, really. 
  • As technical, light, lewd, violent, funny, somber, or scary as you are!

After two years of being the best kept secret of the biggest gaming and anime conventions in the United States, Fantaji is finally here at DriveThruRPG. Ever wonder what your favorite developers for those other RPG companies get up to late at night at Gen Con? What about that celebrity Dungeon Master? What do your favorite cosplayers do after attending their panels at the country's longest-running anime convention?

Well, a lot of them have been playing Fantaji with us. What started as an experiment in boutique, backroom game design has grown into the coolest universal engine around.


The root mechanic of Fantaji uses qualitative markers instead of numerical stats but nevertheless demands careful strategy, tactical teamwork, and shrewd resource management. We emulate the look and feel of your favorite JRPGs to produce an engine of turn- and team-based combat that keeps everyone on their toes. Creative storytelling and mechanical strategy both matter: It really is the best of both worlds. 

  • "Play to" lyrical, qualitative markers on each turn to embed every action into the story
  • Designing monsters, puzzles, traps, and objectives all follow the same steps
  • Players add to the scenario on each turn, and each new fact multiplies the mechanical complexity
  • Characters develop along thematic arcs, growing in response to their in-game experiences
  • More than 50 unique Powers that mix and match to make devastating heroes and enemies!
  • Combat strategy is thick, technical, and necessary

Check out the previews above for a look at the Table of Contents and most of the Introduction. Whatever it looks like in your browser, it downloads as a clean, slick PDF.


We have included FOUR robust campaign settings in this corebook, all with local mods and plenty of plot hooks for immediate adventure. 

  • Anime Fantasy - A majestic, idyllic society caught between two encroaching enemies
  • Dark 14th Century Fantasy - A plague strikes a peninsula of sultans and sand
  • Urban Fantasy - Live out your vampire and superhuman fan fiction dreams now!
  • Space Fantasy - Earth is the exploited victim of an alien economy; can you survive?

Check out the forthcoming Fantaji Realms PDFs for more campaign worlds designed by a team of anthropologists, veteran gamers, creative writers, and... you! We've been working with players for two years to develop 12 further campaign settings that will be hitting DriveThruRPG soon! Could your new setting be the next Fantaji Realm?


Design your own enemies and monsters easily on index cards, or enjoy Fantaji with the beautiful, glossy monster tiles available in decks from our website (make sure to use dry-erase markers!). All it takes is a little imagination to build unique beasts and bosses right at the table. Or, cards can combine to add new abilities to enemies you've already made, saving you time when you need a familiar baddie with a little twist. The corebook includes an entire chapter dedicated to helping game-masters build "world decks" to ease mid-session maneuvering.  

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Rezensionen (7)
Diskussionen (4)
Customer avatar
Edgar G December 05, 2015 10:49 pm UTC
Hey again! I have one question after reading the whole book. why Traits are this broad? Whats the goal or the target of this mechanic like it is?. All this is just my opinion, but: Dont you think this broadness makes the game kind of "hard" to explain? because its so conceptual that even for me, a person that plays fate, and other games based in things like aspects, beliefs, etc... its hard to get.

Thing is, wouldnt be easier a division like, i dont know, "Belief, Goal, Life Approach", just saying something: Something more divided that still can be used for a lot of things but that, lets say, make things easier to understand for us. I dont know if this would avoid the game to fulfill its goals, and thats something i would like to know, the ideas behind that mechanics.

As i said below, in other message, im spanish. The normal language barrier is no longer a problem for me, but at this level of conceptual meaning, im having a hard time to get the "why" behind...See more
Customer avatar
Calvin J December 10, 2015 12:36 am UTC
The Traits in the corebook are quite broad on purpose. Fantaji is a universal engine, and we believed that introducing characters with multivalent "Traits" seemed smart as an way to communicate the concept and the game. Other Realms and Campaign Settings will have more specific Traits. The Centennial Gothic game that is being built around the Fantaji engine has "Virtues," for example. I imagine a superhero or myth-centered game could have "Beliefs" and "Flaws" as specific kinds of Traits. If you want to be more specific in your own game, we totally encourage it!

Just keep in mind that Traits are necessarily more about feel and tenor than the concrete Aspects of FATE. Traits are tones or vibes that can be "played to" as a way of exploring and developing your character as you go, rather than actual, concrete "things" about your character that aim to describe a fixed idea.

If you have any questions at all or want to talk about...See more
Customer avatar
Alfredo S December 15, 2015 1:15 pm UTC
So, you could have more than two or three broad traits? I am very interested in Fantaji. I think it is one of the most singular systems I have ever encountered, and it is full of interesting concepts and ideas, but I must admit I am not fully sold on trait broadeness, even though I am on the brink of buying the softcover.

I must also say I am surprised to see a fellow Spaniard interested in Fantaji :)
Customer avatar
Calvin J January 07, 2016 11:26 pm UTC
There might be a little confusion over how Traits play out in the game. Twenty minutes at the table would likely clear things up, but I'll try three paragraphs here as a start:

First, while the category/range of "Traits" is broad, an individual Trait is not. As an analogy: The category/range of "weapons" is broad--there are a thousand kinds of weapon, and pretty much anything can be used as a weapon--but any individual weapon is quite specific. So in my earlier comment I was saying that "Traits in general" is a broad category and can include any number of kinds of markers, qualities, tones; however, an individual Trait will not be broad. Maybe a better term is "open ended." A good Trait is not broad or general, but it is open ended.

Second, while individual Traits can be abstract, poetic, or downright flowery, you only "play to" this Trait when your character makes concrete, specific, often serious actions. Just because you have flowery...See more
Customer avatar
.. . September 22, 2015 3:52 am UTC
The full-size preview has been loading forever!
Customer avatar
Edgar G August 22, 2015 1:28 pm UTC
I am looking forward to buy the Softcover physical version of this. When will it be released? ETA?

Also, i would like to ask you some questions. English is not my main language and there are details, such as Trait creation, that i didnt totally get it i think. Is there some email or place where i can contact you to ask you for these kind of stuff?
Customer avatar
Calvin J August 22, 2015 4:27 pm UTC
The softcover took us forever to proof with the printer, but I am happy to say the book now looks gorgeous. The only reason they are not for sale is that we want to mail them out to our Kickstarter backers before making them available to the public. As soon as my order arrives here, I will make the books for sale.

Yeah, you can contact us through our website; we are chatty folks: Contact (splat) anthroposgames (jot) com
Customer avatar
Johnathan T June 25, 2015 12:27 am UTC
will there be pod?
Customer avatar
Calvin J June 28, 2015 1:17 am UTC
Yes! Softcover, Standard Color. It's just a matter of getting the cover file sorted (just got the interior files all CMYK 240% square and what not yesterday afternoon). Should be up for sale in just a couple weeks (after we verify the proof).
Customer avatar
Calvin J August 22, 2015 4:30 pm UTC
And it looks like Hardcover premium as well for fancy folks who really want to experience our gorgeous art. Both will be available as soon as we get our big order so the Kickstarter backers get first look.
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