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City Guide 1 : Everyday Life

City Guide 1 : Everyday Life

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Written by: Joseph Carriker, Patrick Lawinger, Neal Levin, Darren Pearce, Wil Upchurch
Page Count: 68 pages
Cover Art: Gillian Pearce
Illustrated by: Anna Dobritt, Owen Kuhn, Gillian Pearce

One of the dangers of having PCs go into a town for rest an relaxation is that the majority of the time you have no idea what should be there. Many PCs of course just want to go to the latest and greatest tavern for a barfight. But there are those out there that want to go shopping. Those are the ones that will ask the dreaded phrase "Whats on the shelves?"


  • Dozens of complete NPCs
  • Dozens of new items for use in your campaign.
  • 13 Complete shop locations
  • 64 Pages of useful text

Locations Inside:
  • Herbalist - Miralle's
  • Brewer - Blithes Spirits
  • Misc - Scribes and Paper
  • Misc - Gizelle's Fine Herbs and Potions
  • Clothier - Silken Dreams
  • Blacksmith & Stables - Traken Brother's Stables
  • Weaponsmith - Ringing Steel
  • Cobbler - diCarpoli's Shoes
  • The Armorium
  • Misc - Reston's Wood Creations
  • Misc - Expedition Outfitters
  • Bowyer/Fletcher - Stormfeather Fletchery
  • Inn - Blue Flame Inn

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August 9th, 2013
Nice product. Great fluff for GMs that don't have the time to populate a city with businesses. It's got some interesting hooks and ideas to help you on the fly. A GM could also use this as a great starting point to get their own city up and running. Fu [...]
April 8th, 2009
Very nice, good information, full of little goodies for the discerning GM. [...]
December 5th, 2004
The City Guide is a good starter for drop-in businesses and establishments in a campaign city. I found the descriptions to be well thought out and charming.<br><br><b>LIKED</b>: I enjoyed the attention to the personalities that [...]
June 20th, 2004
Great supplement if you need to outfit a city or village with some shops. The presentation is good and the layout fitting. The Locales itself are not too extraordinary but also not Bland. There is a bit from everything in it. The Shops are very well pr [...]
June 14th, 2004
Excellent material for fleshing out as setting, wether a large city or a random hamlet. [...]
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