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Four-Color to Fantasy: Superhero Toolkit (Original 3.0 Version)

Four-Color to Fantasy: Superhero Toolkit (Original 3.0 Version)

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Four-Colour to Fantasy
SuperHero ToolKit

Written By: Ryan Nock, Russell Morrissey, Osvaldo Oyola Ortega
Page Count: 94 pages
Cover Art by: J.L. Jones
Illustrated by: J.L. Jones, Marlon deRivera, Stephen Shepherd Please note that this product is now available in a revised edition with significantly more material!

Click Here for the Revised Edition

The Superhero ToolkitA d20 supplement designed to allow you to play superheroes in your favourite d20 game. Rules for superpowers, new prestige classes and templates and a flexible way to create any type of superhero, this book is a toolkit to help you run the superhero game you want to run.

Four-Color to Fantasy contains different options for character advancement - from the traditonal fantasy-style rise from 1st-20th level to the more comic-book style approaches where powers change little but skill increases over time. Whether you want to play a low-powered vampire slayer or a veritable god, this book is designed to let you choose the genre and power level of your choice.

This d20 superhero supplement concentrates on flexibility and modularity. Instead of giving you a new game, we have shown you how to turn your favorite d20 game into a superpowered campaign! A variety of are presented in order to do this - you can use the Hero class alongside regular d20 core classes, you can build and use templates or you can simply buy superpowers with experience points. The choice is yours! This isn't OUR superhero game - it's YOUR superhero game!

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Jason C. [Featured Reviewer]
June 24th, 2009
Four-Color To Fantasy was one of the first 3.0 superhero add-ons that came out, and to some degree it shows. There are some clunky bits in here, and some things that don't really add up, but there are a lot of grand ideas that make it worth a gamer's [...]
August 19th, 2004
Very interesting, this is. With a few tweaks, this can become a flexible system that can be used IN PLACE of the book standard core classes. But then, I like mixing things up. :p [...]
July 21st, 2004
I really like the flexibility of this system, and think that running a fantasy campaign that allows taking levels in the hero class would be full of Anime-like adventure. [...]
February 5th, 2004
A very well-designed super hero system. It also works as a good way to create races (much better than the silly Savage Species). I have used it most recently as a unique way to handle psionics in a D&D game (as opposed to the usual psionics [...]
November 28th, 2003
Not too bad, but it seems that instead of innovating d20 to work with super-heroes, it tried to shoehorn super-heroes into a restrictive class system. The artwork is less interesting than some other equivalent products out there. [...]
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