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Everyone Else: A Book of Innkeepers, Farmers & More
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Everyone Else: A Book of Innkeepers, Farmers & More




Everyone Else

Written By: Richard Ruthman & Michael S. Thibault
Page Count: 67 pages
Cover by: M Jason Parent
Illustrated by: Juan Navarro & Traditional Woodcuts
Revised Edition
A book of statblocks for Innkeepers and Farmers may not make compelling reading, but with over 80 NPC professions and 320 stat blocks, Everyone Else is a valuable resource for game masters who are short on time and need to know the seneschal's Sense Motive modifier in a jiffy.

Getting hassled by the tax collector? PLONK... level 3 Expert with all the right skills and stats for being a tax collector coming right up. Players decide to complain about the tax collector to the local constabulary? PLONK... level 5 warrior with the right skills and stats for the town guard at your service... Time to go over his head and take matters up with the prince? PLONK... first you have to work your way past the level 1 and level 7 seneschals that run the palace before you can meet... PLONK... the level 5 aristocrat (idle noble) that supposedly runs this town that the players were only supposed to be in to restock their rations...

For DMs with a bit more time on their hands, value-added advice and suggestions for customizing NPCs, brief background on each NPC type, as well as rules to remember are included. If someone isn't certain about what is involved in being a lawyer in a pseudo-medieval setting, the introduction will give a overview of the information needed to put a lawyer to work in the game.

Taking full advantage of the electronic medium, the book includes comprehensive Bookmark choices, breaking the NPCs down by chapter sequentially as well as an alphabetical listing for ease of reference. Your download (or CD) includes two versions: one full colour version complete with graphics and bookmarks, another "Low Impact" edition without the backgrounds so those printing the book can save on toner! Being in PDF format, a DM can cut and paste the desired statblock into her game notes and then customize to suit her campaign or adventure in the wordprocessor of her choice. And since all of the text is 100% open game content, everyone can cut and paste to their heart's content.

Ready-made statblocks are faster than any PC generator, and far more portable! Not just a "rogues gallery", Everyone Else's NPCs are non-adversarial and non-adventuring NPCs, and reduce prep-time needed for the space between adventures, allowing a DM more freedom to work on the fun stuff -- the dungeons, quests, and thwarting the evil villains. This is one book in your DM's collection that won't collect dust!

This is the revised edition of Everyone Else. Stat blocks have been revised, clubs have the proper crit range, feats are redistributed and strength stats have been calculated into weapon damage.


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April 24th, 2009
I've moved on to 4e since purchasing this product, but when I was running a 3.5e campaign, I found it invaluable. Whenever I needed villagers, mooks, or what have you--NPCs on whom I didn't want to spend my own time--I pulled out "Everyone Else&qu [...]
April 8th, 2009
What a find! This has become a must have for our group, as we love to find new folks to talk and deal with, and our DM now has instant folks at her fingertips. [...]
April 28th, 2007
An invaluable resource for any Dungeon Master. I consider this one of the cornerstones of my D&D collection, essential for those times when a Player Character decides to mix it up with an NPC, be it in a contest of skill or an all-out brawl. Ther [...]
Chris G. [Featured Reviewer]
March 29th, 2007
Everyone Else is an E-Book by Ambient. The book is full of the more mundane Non Player Characters that fill up a campaign world. This book is very well done and will be useful for any DM that uses NPCs in their game. The E-Book is seventy pages in leng [...]
November 21st, 2006
EXCELLENT utility: NPCs have classes geared toward their specialty, the different occupations/specialties have stat blocks for different levels, and they are fully bookmarked and organized by function so they're easy to look up. For the occupations th [...]
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