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Steam & Steel: A Guide to Fantasy Steamworks

Steam & Steel: A Guide to Fantasy Steamworks

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E.N.Publishing brings you the long awaited (and long-delayed) essential toolkit for adding steamworks to your d20 game.

Not merely a list of steamwork devices and toys, this work discusses the vital aspects of adding steamworks to a game. How will steamworks affect society, magic, religion and warfare? How are these steamworks powered? Through coal and oil burning engines, arcane power sources, or the bodies and souls of those crushed on the field of combat? How do the various races use these new tools and weapons? How were they discovered?

This toolkit covers several possible source technologies for steamworks as well as three tech levels for those who create these machines. The book details a large variety of steamwork prosthetics and enhancements, weapons and equipment, massive suits (and less massive suits) of steamwork-enhanced body armor, and massive constructs of war. There are even steamwork liches, made from those machinists who refuse to die and pine for the immortality of their iron machines, and many other steamwork monstrosities.

Of course, with steam comes vehicles, and these rules for vehicles include many methods of upgrading existing vehicles as well as rules for designing steamwork ironclads, dirigibles and even laying down hundreds of miles of tracks through dark forests for steam-powered locomotives.

Everything you could ever want from your steam technologies can be found within this volume... the only question left is how you will decide to implement these tools and machines into your game. 

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May 9th, 2016
I've been working to introduce steam power into a game setting for a while, and the flavor text in the introduction of this guide was worth the purchase price. The impact of the technology is considered and discussed, giving the GM quite a few ideas [...]
November 19th, 2009
Excellent product that give pages worth of generalized advice for developing the themes and direction of your own steampunk campaign. Lots of concrete examples of steampunk weapons, prosthetics, devices, monsters, and vehicles. This is by far a superio [...]
April 15th, 2007
There are several comments on the bright sides of this product. While I agree with them, I expected something more out of this product. Logic. As it is it creates a quasi magical enviroment. eg. Flying constructs powered by steam... What I was exp [...]
January 8th, 2007
I'm playing an Artificer right now and I'm hopeing to incorporate This into my characters "portfolio"<br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Very Good<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Very Satisfied<br> [...]
Shane O. [Featured Reviewer]
November 11th, 2005
Steam & Steel is a PDF product from E.N. Publishing that describes how to include steamworks into your fantasy setting. Steam & Steel is meant to be used only in a fantasy setting. It doesn?t try to lend itself to a Modern d20 setting. Buyers [...]
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