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Blood and Spooks: The Ghost Hunter's Guide

Blood and Spooks: The Ghost Hunter's Guide

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Do you want to make more money hunting ghosts?

Sure, we all do! With our easy to read Ghost Hunter's Guide, you too can become a Ghost Hunter in just under one hour. That's right, one hour!

Armed with the Ghost Hunter's Guide, you can learn such professions as antiques dealer, circus performer, escape artist, fortuneteller, ghost hunter driver, ghost hunter president, ghost hunter secretary, ghost hunter tactical leader, ghost hunter technician, ghost hunter treasurer, ghost hunter vice-president, journalist, mystic, psychic, psychic investigator, or stage magician. You can also earn your degree by taking one of our advanced classes, including arcanist, clairvoyant, exorcist, geomancer, ghost hunter, medium, parapsychologist, and skeptic.

Everywhere, people are dying and rising up as ghosts. These ghosts are in desperate need of capturing and only you can help. Thanks to the International Center for Ethereal Containment and Control (ICECC), we now have the technology to trap ghosts and can lend it to you for a very low fee. With your purchase of the Ghost Hunter's Guide, you can rent our amazing electron packs for just five dollars an hour and start hunting ghosts in no time!

Blood and Spooks: The Ghost Hunter's Guide is a d20 Modern supplement that includes:

  • five new allegiances
  • a new organization, the International Center for Ethereal Containment and Control (ICECC)
  • 16 new occupations
  • 10 different ghost hunter backgrounds
  • the joy of playing a victim
  • 8 new advanced classes
  • over 50 psionic powers
  • five ghost types and the spirit advanced class, just for ghosts!
  • and of course, lots and lots of equipment to capture ghosts


    Buy a copy of the Ghost Hunter's Guide and we'll also include a ghost container. With ghost containers, ghosts check in, but they can't check out.

    Ghosts are the enemy that we all must fight. So please, call and buy your copy of the Ghost Hunter's Guide today!

    Pages: 57
    Format: Landscape (screen viewing), Portrait (for printing)*.
    Download a preview: Exorcist Advanced ClassThis product has Modern Character Generator support.

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    January 7th, 2007
    This is a book to play ghost-busters. The art on the outside is very gothic, but inside it's more of funny cult ghost hunting, vvvvoup. The backgrounds and allegiances are hilarious. Most of the classes aren't something you couldn't do with d20 modern, [...]
    Chris G. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
    September 25th, 2006
    Who ya goin call? Since my early days of playing Beyond the Supernatural investigating ghosts has always been a great theme for a modern game. It has been years since I have played in such a game but the memories and excitement of such a game still rin [...]
    October 29th, 2005
    In this crunch-packed follow up to Blood and Brains, Michael Tresca brings all things ghostly to d20 Modern roleplaying. This book has been billed and buzzed as the ?unofficial? d20 Modern Ghostbusters RPG, but that just sells the book short in my opin [...]
    December 4th, 2004
    Blood and Spooks is a great D20 Modern Supplement that accomplishes most of what it claims with style and panache. It has its weak points which should give the reader caution but also contains a number of pleasant surprises. The Good My [...]
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