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Weird Wars II: Mission Manual #03

Weird Wars II: Mission Manual #03

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Mission Manual #3: Gods of Destruction
by Piotr Korys

D20 System/Savage Worlds

41 Pages
This tough new mission is set during the Polish Warsaw uprising of autumn 1944. Nazi forces across Poland struggle to slow the advancing Russian troops. As the Red Army approaches Warsaw the heroic Polish underground army decides that this is the best moment to rise up against their Nazi oppressors.

After five years of Nazi occupation the situation in Warsaw has grown desperate. Ammunition and supplies are in great demand and this sets the scene for an incredibly bloody battle. Our hero's are thrust into this nightmare and are sent on a tough mission to liberate the prisoners of the Gesi?wka prison camp. During this raid, they discover a horrific plot to resurrect an ancient power and our intrepid heroes will be fighting time as well as the Nazis to stop this horrific plan!

Already considered to be one of the toughest missions yet, Warsaw: Gods of Destruction will test every player to their limits!


In addition to the mission, this ebook includes new creatures, rules for the d20 Weird Wars game by Pinnacle Entertainment Group.
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This book is dual-statted for the d20 Weird Wars rules and the Savage Worlds rules from Great White Games. What's more, Gods of Destruction is one in our Active Ebook &tm range, so there are some fancy features including a printer-friendly option and switchable maps!
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Andy B December 25, 2015 6:09 am UTC
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