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CC1 Calidar, Beyond the Skies (Softcover)

CC1 Calidar, Beyond the Skies (Softcover)

Softcover Color Book (Standard) (8.5" x 11")

Second in the World of Calidar collection and for use with any RPG, Beyond the Skies unveils the gods of this fantasy universe. At its core lie the descriptions of pantheons for the main races and cultures of the Great Caldera, their individual deities, their mythologies, alliances, and foes. Each chapter reveals the history of the ancient peoples who summoned these gods into existence and established their cults. A significant part of this compendium details special powers mortal followers and priests can earn, based on the strengths of their piety. “Beyond the Skies” goes on to flesh out myriad servants of the gods, demons, demigods, divine cabals, the politics of pantheons and their internal rivalries, the bond between tribal shamans and Calidar’s World Soul, the spirit lords of the Dread Lands, secret societies and knightly orders among mortals, right down to death and what lies beyond. This book provides quite a lot of mechanical bits to enhance the game in addition to mythologies, secret plots, and the floor plans of temples and secret brotherhood lairs, each an invitation for encounters and adventures.

Much like those of ancient Greece, gods interact with mortals and epic heroes in game of chess reaching past nearby planets and outer planes. However powerful they are, they face a world of dangers including another universe whose monstrous deities seek to devour all: from the masses of mortals to their divine patrons. They will not relent until, perhaps, they gobble the World Souls themselves—the magical core and the source of life of the planets in Soltan’s ephemeris. As bleak as Calidar’s future may seem, the gods fear that their deaths aren’t the worst of fates. This aspect of their peril-fraught existence is one element contributing to the dynamics of this fantasy setting, as it directly affects the players’ heroes and the realms in which they go on adventuring. This compendium is crucial as it will influence all future titles published in this series.

All told, this book includes 248 color pages. Text comes close to 200,000 words, tightly fitted. It provides at least 10 geographic maps showing the extent of cults in the realms of the Great Caldera, 10 full-page floor plans depicting the temples of leading deities, 11 more floor plans for the lairs of secret societies, and 8 diagrams detailing the personal relationships of the gods within their pantheons.

Important: Ownership of the first title, Calidar “In Stranger Skies,” is recommended to better enjoy this book (see add-ons, later on this page--the PDF is available there for just $6). “Beyond the Skies” does not demand any specific role-playing game system, as all provided materials are designed to be easily converted.

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