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Weapons of the Gods: The Book of Wood

Weapons of the Gods: The Book of Wood

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Written by: Brad Elliott
Page Count: 65 pages

The First of the Wuxia Action Series, Weapons of the Gods was a long time in coming. For those who want to get a taste of the book (or just get the base rules), Eos Press has decided to make the entire first chapter, all sixty-five pages of it, available for sale here on RPGnow!

THE Ancient Chinese Fantasy Game, Weapons of the Gods is based on the Tony Wong kung fu comic of the same name. If you've seen it done in a kung fu movie or a comic, you can do it here - the game handles kung fu madness, intrigue, massive battles against armies of followers and of course, the powerful magic weapons of the very gods themselves.

What do you get in this download? The Entire First Chapter, The Book of Wood, written by industry favorite Rebecca Borgstrom! In full color like the book that will soon be available as a hardcover, this file will be printable for your players' convenience. Here's a sampling of what's in this file:

  • The Game Rules - the entire base rules engine for the game - try before you buy!
  • The Game's Complete Lexicon (explains many of the game's basic concepts)
  • Complete Character Generation (complete with full descriptions of Attributes, Skills, Advantages and Disadvantages, with examples)
  • A description of the Social Organizations (such as Clans or Secret Societies) that characters can belong to in the Land of the Gods (the Ancient China of Wuxia Fantasy)

    If you're so curious you don't want to wait for the book's arrival, or just want to support the company in its quest to bring you Chinese Martial Arts Fantasy and have something cool to read, then Weapons of the Gods: The Book of Wood is the way to go!

    Note: The Demo listed for this product is not for this file, but six pages of The Book of Fire, the combat section - which will show you the beauty of the layout and give you a sense of how the book is organized. It's free, so enjoy!

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    September 11th, 2005
    This is the entire chapter dealing with character creation; however, advanced topics such as Kung Fu, Secret Arts, and Lores are not covered within, neither is any equipment. However, this is a really good place to learn the basics of the system, and [...]
    July 29th, 2005
    It's only the first chapter - enough to get you all salivating. The rules look exactly as imaginitive and exciting as I'd thought. I just wish there was more - I was frustrated at what we didn't know about different martial arts styles and so on. And, [...]
    June 4th, 2005
    This is a great buy if you are one of two people. Someone who is curious about the game or someone who wants to support it. This product should satisfy you in either case. It's also for anyone who just wants to see a very elegant and evocati [...]
    April 20th, 2005
    If you could only buy one single RPG this year, it'd have to be Weapons if the Gods. Now I know you're going to ask "Is it really THAT good?". My answer would have to be YES. If the rest of the book can manage to maintain the quality of this [...]
    April 19th, 2005
    Is it worth it to buy just one chapter out of an entire book? The answer is: "no... unless it's Weapons of the Gods we're talking about." Really, don't think of this as just a preview. Think of it as a piece of art.<br><br> [...]
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