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17 Magic Weapons

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  "The weapons are generally quite well balanced against standard items if a bit on the strong side and in general can add a bit to any campaign. It is also especially nice to see weapon that aid specific classes. This can help a DM boost a weak member of a certain class or add a flavorful reward."
-- Wystan, ENWorld

     "I really like the idea and the presentation of this product. There are 2 possible covers and 2 versions of the actual item. There is a Portrait aligned Print version and a Landscape aligned Screen version. It is also nice that there are 19 enchantments included, this always feels like a present."
-- Wystan, ENWorld

    "...I am eager to start using these enhancement where it is appropriate."
-- Sledge,

     "...a nice mix of items for different classes. They can easily be used by NPCs and PCs alike and for the most should offer some new and different magical weapons that the PCs are not going to be familiar with. "
  -- Crothian, Staff Reviewer

    "The ideas in here are really well done. Very original. I can see plugging quite a few of these right into my campaign very soon. In all honesty, I could see myself using about half to three quarters of these enhancements over the course of a couple of campaigns. As far as I'm concerned, any supplement that I can use 50-75% of without having to reinvent the wheel, is exactly what I'm looking for in a supplement."
-- Hussar, ENWorld

17 Magic Weapons is a new 12-page pdf book for your d20 fantasy world. Within these pages you will find never before seen magical prefixes to add to your weapons. Each magic weapon enchantment comes with a Maket Cost and Creation Costs.

Written by The' Le and Sean Holland (primary author of Unorthodox Knights), this book defines the following:

  • Arcane Wizardry
  • Barbarian Rage
  • Bardic Harmony
  • Clerical Restoration
  • Dragon Perception
  • Druidic Vision
  • Exhaustion
  • Fighter's Lament
  • Knockdown
  • Leaf Giving
  • Monk's Silence
  • Nutrition
  • Paladin's Remorse
  • Peaceful Telepathy
  • Ranger Targeting
  • Refraction
  • Rogue Perception
  • Shifting
  • Sorcerer's Philosophy

    This zip file contains a fully illustrated Landscape PDF for easy online reading, A fully illustrated Portrait PDF for printing, and our standard no-image Rich-Text-Format version so that you can cut/copy/paste to your hearts content (and print without wasting alot of ink)! Each pdf is fully bookmarked for easy viewing.

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November 18th, 2013
a simple add to the magic weapons set. Simple doesn't means inutile or not well done. Every new weapon's ability in this product is a nice option for players and GM. is up to them to use it in the right manner. [...]
April 28th, 2009
I liked the weapons in this D20 module. There were some items of interest that I will be adding to my next campaign. [...]
Chris G. [Featured Reviewer]
October 4th, 2005
Oddly enough there are nineteen weapons to be found in 17 Magical Weapons. The weapons have an interesting feature in them. They have abilities that apply with the weapon on the person and not just when it is being welded. These offer some interesti [...]
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