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Green Ronin

ZIP File

Prisoner III-C-21... welcome to Buckner Ridge Superhuman Penitentiary

So your heroes have captured yet another super-villain. Where are they going to put them all? In prison, of course!

Lockdown is a sourcebook for Mutants & Masterminds, Second Edition, describing a prison for super-convicts. It details all four levels of the Buckner Ridge Superhuman Penitentiary, the first privately run super-prison. You get details on the prison's layout, operations, and staff, including its super-powered guards. Lockdown has profiles on various inmates and factions within the prison, as well as a description of the nearby town of Buckner Ridge. Lockdown saved its failing economy, but is it worth the price of having a prison full of the world's most dangerous super-criminals in its backyard?

Lockdown comes with numerous adventure ideas and ways to use the prison in your own Mutants & Masterminds campaign. You can make it a background element or build an entire game where the characters are convicts! Plus, Lockdown comes with a secret: a conspiracy that could bring the prison crashing down and threaten law and order across the world!

This PDF was originally sold as a First Edition product, but has been updated for use with Mutants & Masterminds, Second Edition.

PDF Features:
Linked Table of Contents
Created from source files - not a scanned PDF
Gold Vendor Updates*
Best with Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 or later

Edition Credits:
Design: Lucien Soulban
Editing: Jon Leitheusser
Graphic Design: Hal Mangold
Development: Steve Kenson
Executive Producer: Chris Pramas
Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Cover Art: Ramón Pérez
Interior Art: Atilla Adorjany, Adam Huntley, Jonathan Kirtz, Tony Parker, Kevin Stokes
Interior Colors: Atilla Adorjany, Adam Huntley, Jonathan Kirtz, Hal Mangold, Tony Parker, Kevin Stokes
Cartography: Ed Bourelle
Green Ronin Staff: Chris Pramas, Nicole Lindroos, Hal Mangold, Steve Kenson, Evan Sass, Robert J. "Dr. Evil" Schwalb and Marc Schmalz
Playtesters: Bryan Barlow (Tom Gallion, Art Loeffler, Josh Morris, Travis Price, Mike Sopp), DT Butchino and the Midnight Legion (Charity Ens-Butchino, Sara Dean, Ralph Duell, James Kavanaugh, David Laramie, Jamieson Long, James Taylor, John Szczypien), Bill Child (Pat Bussey, James Baxter, Jason Ellenbecker, Joedy Galloway, Robert Oliver, Matt Riek, James Russell, Kenn Westman), Mark "neo" Howe (Mark Sizer, Daniel Scothorne, Mark Billanie, Michael J Young, Alan Moore, Daniel Haslam), Krisztián Nagy (Endre Hornyák, Gergely Keresztes Nagy, Zoltán Mészáros, Szabolcs Nemeth, Huba Vilmos Schmidt, Zoltán Szabo), Tim Kirk, Tom Miskey, Jesse Perry, Ben Robbins, Johnathan Turner (Lloyd Chatham, Precious Daniels, Vincent Daniels, Greg Harris, James Hurt, Darchan Lake, Pamela Omenukwa, Franklin Ruff, Jerome Satterwhite), Lisa Youngblood (Tommy Beckett, Todd Oliver, Richard Reid, Rob Taylor)

* If this edition of the publication is updated due to the discovery and correction of typos or errata, you will get a free download of the corrected edition.

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Each game from Green Ronin has free sample material available through our Web site,, and Learn a new game and experience what you've been missing today!

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Game: Dragon Age RPG

Free Start: Quick Start Guide

The Dragon Age RPG is based on BioWare's popular Dragon Age RPG franchise, and brings the dark and gritty world of Thedas to your gaming table. This Quickstart Guide - originally featured on Free RPG Day - features rules, an adventure, and pre-generated characters so you can jump right into the action. 
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The DC ADVENTURES Quick Start includes an explanation of the rules, full game statistics for Superboy and Knockout, and a short adventure featuring a brawl at the county fair, so you can jump right in to the action.

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These ENnie Award-winning Quick-Start rules and the adventure Journey to King’s Landing are mean to be your introduction to both the A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying game and to the fantasy world detailed in George R.R. Martin’s best-selling series of novels.

A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying is about Machiavellian court politics, family alliances and enmities, the rise and fall of kingdoms, and the clash of armies, but it is also about honor and duty, family, the responsibilities of leadership, love and loss; tournaments, murders, conspiracies, prophecies, dreams, war, great victories, and terrible defeats. It’s about knights, both false and true... and it’s about dragons.

Welcome to the world of A Song of Ice and Fire, and remember the words of House Stark: “Winter is coming.”

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July 29th, 2005
A very good product well written and a great feel for any Mutants and Masterminds. LIKED: Well organized and good art. QUALITY: Acceptable VALUE: Satisfied [...]
July 6th, 2005
Again, a high standard release from Green Ronin. I am looking forward to the 2nd Ed. printed release. The promise of a drop-in campaign addition is quite true. They have a backstory which I don't like completely, but it might be interesting for other [...]
May 29th, 2005
Very, very nice piece of work from Green Ronin. Lockdown describes a private super-security prison complex, its prisoners and the nearby town of Buckner Ridge. The keyword here is flexibility. The authors have gone out of their way to make it easy [...]
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