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Seeds: Post-Apocalyptic III

Seeds: Post-Apocalyptic III

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Welcome to Seeds and to the 25th product in the line by Expeditious Retreat Press. Seeds are story ideas, plot ideas, creature ideas, adventure hooks, anything that can grow into an enjoyable gaming experience. Each seed is small (only a paragraph or two at most) and each Seed product will be small as well (only four to five pages), but just like their namesakes, they have great potential when provided with the right environment.

We're pleased to introduce Post-Apocalyptic Seeds III to our line of Seeds products. We've also collected seeds for other genres (horror, supers, fantasy, pulp, modern, sci-fi, western and military)

For a free sample, check out our Seeds: Fantasy available here at! Don't forget to pick up Seeds in other genres!

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December 4th, 2006
I have Post-Apocalyptic Seeds I-V; Seeds III is the poorest of the set, with 18 one-paragraph adventure seeds-of these 18, however, 5 are duplicates of Seeds II, mewaning that if you've the set, Seeds III delivers only 13 seeds.<br><br>< [...]
November 11th, 2005
It is okay. It should be of use for GMs who are having writers block in developing their setting. It maybe because I have been a PA fan for the last 12 years, but there were not many seeds that interested me.<br><br><b>QUALITY& [...]
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