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Roman Set

Roman Set

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ARG008 ? Romans

The Roman empire was one of the greatest in the history of the world. This set provides everyone essential for that empire building, including legionaries, gladiators, citizens and even a lion! These miniatures are ideal for use in historical or fantasy RPG's or wargames. The miniatures are supplied in two formats and can be assembled as flat, A-frame or triagonal miniatures depending on personal choice (full assembly instructions included). The images are all high-quality computer generated figures and bring an extra level of realism to the gaming table.

This set is also provided as a Powerpoint version for easy creation of custom pages.

Note: To help keep the size of the download to a minimum, construction instructions are not included in this set. However, they can be downloaded for free from the product page on the company website.

In this set:

4x Legionaries
1x Centurion
1x Officer
4x Gladiators
1x Senator
2x Slaves (male and female)
2x Civilians (male and female)
1x Chariot
1x Cavalryman
1x Circus Lion

7 page pdf file (3 pages of figures)

(Use Right-click and "save as" to download Demo)

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December 11th, 2012
Great Artwork...Very Nice mix of figures... great value, and enough to encourage me to pick up some of the other packs as well... and I have yet to be disappointed. [...]
Christopher K. [Featured Reviewer]
April 25th, 2011
I can't say enough good things about the Arion paper figures. The artwork is glorious, and the inclusion of bi-fold and tri-old figures is a great plus. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars. A stellar effort, which is all I'd ever expect from Ari [...]
February 13th, 2010
This is fantastic. I love the artwork. Even, more, I love the fact that I can play my new wargame right away while I'm still painting my lead figures. [...]
April 23rd, 2009
What Arion did for the Greeks, they nowdo for the Romans. Good basis for roleplaying or starting an army. [...]
April 17th, 2009
I ordered this for the gladiator figures as I am playtesting a gladiator game. I like the military and the civilian types, but to be honest I was a little disapointed with the gladiators. I think I was expecting more specific types. I understand that [...]
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