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Thieves' World Player's Manual

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Sharpen Your Blade and Watch Your Back!

Since 1979, Sanctuary has been the nastiest, ugliest, and grittiest city in fantasy fiction. It is a place appropriately nicknamed "Thieves' World." The fourteen anthologies of the Thieves' World series and the Sanctuary novel by Lynn Abbey have detailed this dark and dangerous city and the world in which it exists, through the literary voices of some of the most influential authors in modern fantasy fiction!

Now, Sanctuary is yours to explore with the Thieves' World Player's Manual, the definitive 3rd Era guide for creating characters and playing in this classic and vibrant fantasy setting. Inside this book, you'll find:

  • A detailed primer of Sanctuary including overviews of the various neighborhoods and the people living there.
  • An all new culture and background system to provide the ultimate flexibility for character creation, with over 14 cultures and over 20 backgrounds, from prizefighter to merchant to soldier.
  • New Thieves' World-appropriate base classes such as the learned savant, powerful godsworn, and the dreaded witch.
  • Over a dozen new prestige classes, each bringing to life a different aspect of the Thieves' World stories. Take on the oath of the Sacred Bander, join the Blue Star Adepts, or train to be a fearsome Hazard Mage!
  • New skills and feats like Gamble, Crippler's Eye, Witchblooded, and Touch the Otherworld.
  • Full rules for infection, severe wounds, and massive damage, all reflecting the deadly world of the anthologies.
  • Who you are and who you know matters in Sanctuary. The Thieves' World Player's Manual provides new rules for character reputations and contacts.
  • An all-new evocative magic system that captures the elusive--and often dangerous--nature of magic in the Thieves' World anthologies. Also included are rules for crafting new magic items, such as the focus and matrix.
  • Extensive new rules for bestowing curses, a form of magic that even the lowliest beggar can wield...for a price.
  • Over 20 new domains like Inspiration and Night, and details on the gods of Sanctuary and the wider world.
  • Top-notch art from some of the industry's best, including Kent Burles, Ilya Astrakhan, Toren "Macbin" Atkinson, and Mike Vilardi.
  • A Tale of Two Cities, a brand new Thieves' World short story written by Lynn Abbey.

Explore the Maze, enjoy the delights of the Street of Red Lanterns, or take part in the fight against Dyareela's cultists. The dark and dangerous streets of Sanctuary hold both great reward and dangers beyond imagination. The Thieves' World Player's Manual is your gateway to adventure!

While the Thieves' World Player's Manual contains all the basic tools you need for adventuring in Sanctuary, it is just the first book in a series detailing this most dangerous of fantasy cities. The series continues with a tale of death and intrigue in Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn, and the deeper secrets of Thieves' World are explored in Shadowspawn's Guide to Sanctuary. Finally, the Thieves' World Gazetteer expands the scope to take in the wider world.

The World of Sanctuary Awaits You!

The product uses material from the v3.5 revision.

PDF Features:BookmarkedLinked Table of ContentsCreated from source files - not a scanned PDFGold Vendor Updates*Best with Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 or laterEdition Credits:Design: Lynn Abbey, Gary Astleford, Patrick O'Duffy, and Robert J. SchwalbEditing: Scott Fitzgerald GrayProofreading: Robert J. Schwalb, Nicole LindroosDevelopment: Robert J. SchwalbArt Direction and Graphic Design: Hal MangoldInterior Art: Ilya Astrakhan, Toren “Macbin†Atkinson, Kent Burles, Jonathan Kirtz, Pat Loboyko, Manoel Moreira, Mike VilardiCover Art: James RymanCartography: Rob LazzarettiExecutive Producer: Chris PramasGreen Ronin Staff: Steve Kenson, Nicole Lindroos, Hal Mangold, Chris Pramas, Evan Sass, Marc Schmalz, and Robert J. SchwalbPlaytesters: Sam Adams, Tony Altiere, Nick Appleby, Kacey "Kc" Arnold, Joe Baker, Bryce Barrow, Adam Blackwood, Doug Buck, Christian B. Carey, Marlene Carey, Tyler Carey, Jacob Chabot, Martin Chamberlin, Eric Charles, Pat Collins, Jeff Curtis, Travis T. Dale, John Double, Gareth Edel, Stephan Edel, Phil Ekstrand, Robert Eldridge, Brian Fallehey, Tim Ferree, John French, Eric Garcia, Jan-Philipp GÃ&frac;14;rtler, Brian Gute, Barry Hales, Jim Hart, Kristian Hartmann, Joe Holesinger, Mark Hugo, Rosemary James, Billy Kelch II, Eva Klein, Matthew Klein, Zak Kauffman, Dave Lawrence, Romesh Lhakan, Zach Lint, Veronica Lustre, Andrew McCool, Bob McDonald, Chris Middleton, Russell Moore, Muir Murdoch, Michael B. Pierce, Steve Rushing, Jim Sales, Clemens Schäfer, Conrad Schäfer, Nick Seaman, John Slaughter, Richard Temple, Dave Vershaw, Aaron Wamsley, Jennifer Wamsley, Lydia Wedge, Marc WienerDemo Link Details:These four pages from Chapter Four: Classes give you the low-down on the Crime Lord and the Gladiator. But don't get cocky just because you have a little insider info, pal--these guys are still just as dangerous to you as everyone else in Sanctuary is.

* If this edition of the publication is updated due to the discovery and correction of typos or errata, you will get a free download of the corrected edition.

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Brian E. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
October 21st, 2005
The Thieves? World Player?s Manual, by Green Ronin Publishing, is clearly a labor of love. Those involved wrote this material because they love and respect the fiction that it is based on, and they wrote the material with other, like-minded in [...]
October 14th, 2005
This is an excellent product that also serves as a good primer to Sanctuary to anyone (like me) who is just getting into the books. Love the new character classes. I am going to use some for my regular d20 games. Great non-magical Ranger! The ne [...]
Anthony R. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
October 10th, 2005
The Thieves? World Player?s Manual is a 193-page PDF that has a color cover and black & white interior. The book has a table of contents, index and is fully bookmarked. The two-column layout is clean, with crisp fonts and good illustrations. In [...]
Mark C. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
October 10th, 2005
Thieves? World has a rich background beginning as the combined efforts of a number of writers to produce a single book which turned into a series. The book has a good cover but some of the pencils inside are so good they could almost be photographs. [...]
Rob M. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
October 7th, 2005
OVERVIEW Thieves' World, the name alone summons up images of dangerous back alleys and shadowed skulduggery, and for me, memories of gripping, gritty action in an all too real fantasy world. I have been a big fan of Thieves' World since the orig [...]
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