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Fields of Honor Rules

Fields of Honor Rules

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Fields of Honor:World War II is a fast-paced wargame from Pinnacle. This new edition brings the battlefields of Europe to your tabletop and puts you in command of a company or more of US or German troops. The rules are easy to learn and quick to play, and provide a wealth of tactical options.

Included in this book are basic and advanced rules, the tokens and counters needed to play, Battle and Command Cards that introduce the uncertainty and surprises of the battlefield, and army lists for US and German forces of World War II, covering all major troop types and weaponry.

This download also contains the campaign War in the West - allowing players to play out the battles to recapture Europe from D-Day to the fall of Berlin.

Fields of Honor can be played with regular miniatures and wargames terrain, or with the use of our Terrain Flats and Battle Flats.

Also available is Battleset 1, featuring US and German Units, and Terrain Pack 1, the terrain needed for battles in Europe. Look out for additional Battlesets and Terrain Packs in coming weeks.


We also have a keenly-priced bundle, containing all three products for the price of two! Get everything you need need to play the new Fields of Honor, and save money while you're doing it!

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August 10th, 2007
i love any game that has to do with WW II i just wish there was more to it :p but great none the less [...]
February 11th, 2006
I bought the bundle, and I have to say it's nicely done. This is a solid little pick up and play game for folks interested in beer and pretzels WW2 rules. And the flats look great on a green cloth-covered table. I printed my units and terrain in col [...]
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