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Modern Dispatch (#78): Cyberpunk-Genre Adventure Generator

Modern Dispatch (#78): Cyberpunk-Genre Adventure Generator

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Another random adventure generator from Adamant Entertainment! This issue of Modern Dispatch features a generator specifically for cyberpunk-genre d20 campaigns.

There are a number of d20-based cyberpunk games on the market, and the Cyberpunk-Genre Adventure Generator is usable with all of them. Adamant Entertainment, for example, produces a line of cyberpunk-genre d20 products, called Terminal Identity

The core concept of a cyberpunk-genre adventure is broken into five different categories, and each category provides 64 different options -- thereby allowing this adventure generator to provide 1,073,741,824 possible adventure seeds!

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Sean H. [Featured Reviewer]
October 28th, 2006
Modern Dispatch #78: Cyberpunk Adventure Generator by Adamant Entertainment is a short PDF design to provide a seed from which to design cyberpunk-styled adventures. This PDF is a slim six pages (five after the OGL) with a single piece of Matrix-style [...]
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