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Questers of the Middle Realms

Questers of the Middle Realms

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The lighter side of traditional fantasy gaming.
In less than 80 pages.

Want to dive into the wild, weird world of fantasy for a while without wading through hundreds of pages of rules? Take a look inside!
  • The world of Median - an outline setting taking a fondly humorous look at fantasy gaming standards.
  • The PDQ System - a simple, fast and flexible set of rules emphasising story more than tactics - as seen in the best-selling Truth & Justice and Dead Inside.
  • A "build your own" approach - use the framework and add the gods, organisations and character types your gaming group wants in your stories.


Kenneth Hite's Out of the Box Awards: Honourable Mention, Best New RPG of 2006 category

"Bravo for creating a game world that's likable, amusing, and open for expansion. But here's the dirty little secret: you don't have to play for laughs. It works at that level, of course, but if you just need a fantasy game system that plays easily, encourages broad characterization, and doesn't bog down in details, pick up Questers of the Middle Realms. It's a fun game, a fun read, and a bargain too."
Bob Portnell, Pyramid magazine

"...uses the PDQ system very well to model the type of game that it's going for. ... I think that it's a great design to capture that old-school fantasy gaming feel without capturing the frustration that a lot of the old-school fantasy systems brought in."
Paul Tevis, Have Games Will Travel #75

"Questers of the Middle Realms is a well-designed game, with a simple and elegant rules system. The design the world as you go approach built into the game is a neat innovation, and it fits the style and tone of the setting perfectly. The setting itself is intentionally and cleverly cliched, with a bare bones level of detail reminiscent of the original D&D campaign settings."
Andrew Branstad, RPGNow staff reviewer

For info on the print version please see the Silver Branch Games site.

Check out the rest of the QMR line!

Have you tried the other games in the PDQ family? One basic system, worlds of gaming fun!
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July 26th, 2008
LOVE THIS!!!! For me, it reminds me of my favorite fantasy setting, Bill Wellingham's IRONWOOD (for THEATRIX)...and that is definitely a good thing. Tongue-in-cheek and adaptable for whatever style you'd rather have, this delivered in ways I didn't thi [...]
July 14th, 2007
This is a light-hearted take on "classic" fantasy adventure role-playing, though it can indeed be used for more serious fantasy. For those gamers who are used to very structured games and are at first disoriented by the basic PDQ system, Qot [...]
January 24th, 2007
Very cool game system, lots of fun for those looking for something quick and simple. The humor behind the game is one of it's best points (I especially like the races) but it still manages to keep itself from being just a parody product or a 'wacky' ga [...]
June 29th, 2006
So, I picked this up based off two things. First, I enjoy the PDQ system as something light, fast and playable, and second, because Chad Underkoffler had some nice things to say about it. Allin all, it was well worth the price of admission. It strike [...]
June 27th, 2006
Well written, amusing game with plenty to do. System seems to be suitably light to avoid getting in the way of the silliness. The setting is nicely developed, with some pleasantly original angles on the old favourites.<br><br> <b>LIKE [...]
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