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Future Armada: Vanguard Station

Future Armada: Vanguard Station

ZIP File

Deluxe Starship Designs

Security Outpost

This Vigilance-class listening post was designed as a deep-space station that could serve a variety of functions. The small, PL-7 outpost is just over 160 feet tall and houses a permanent crew of 10. There are also barracks and facilities provided for 16 additional personnel or guests

Have you ever hesitated to have space-faring characters arrested because you don't have a detention center ready to receive them? Well, worry no longer! Vanguard Station VII is one of twelve such outposts used as a base of operation by ConFed Security - the law enforcement officers of the space lanes. Not only does the station have a pair of armed patrol craft, but it also has a dedicated detention center and full compliment of trained personnel.

The station lounge and administrative offices are open to the public. The food is only re-hydrated government fare, but the drinks are good and the patrons understandably well behaved. By re-using the barracks map page in place of the detention center, the same station can represent a civilian establishment (like a truck stop in space)or even a military garrison or supply depot. Whether the characters are just visiting (voluntarily or not), or looking for a place to call their own, this little station can fit the bill.

The .zip file contains the following:

  • Overview
    • 21 page PDF file detailing the station, interior locations, and personnel.
    • Open Game License stats provided for the vessel and crew, as well as the shuttles and escape pods.
  • Map Book
    • Full-color 26 page PDF file containing complete interior maps.
    • Includes miniature-scale maps for tactical combat.
    • Broken into pages for easy printing.
  • Printer friendly, grayscale version of the map book.
  • Miniature-scale composite maps of the station interior.
    • A 22x22 inch, 150 dpi, color JPEG image of the top deck.
    • A 22x28 inch, 150 dpi, color JPEG image of the main deck.
    • A 14x10 inch, 150 dpi, color JPEG image of the engineering deck.
    • (Other levels along the "spine" already fit onto a single page.)
  • "Bonus Art" directory with rendered images of the station and patrol skiffs

Sample documents and bonus art are available at

This small space station can serve as a ready-made setting for game masters or a base of operations for players. While OGL statistics are provided for maximum compatability, they kept are separate for easy modification or replacement. Whatever your game system, Vanguard Station can serve as an interesting place to visit, or a secure place to rest and recuperate between adventures!

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November 6th, 2016
A fantastic modular station that can fill a variety of needs - I'm using it as the basis for a Fallout 4-style Vault in a Pathfinder game I'm setting up. The drawbacks - such as they are - in my opinion are primarily not enough room variety (No " [...]
January 16th, 2014
The only thing that I would ask to be added to these awesome ship and space station files would be a "counter" or "token" to be used for online gaming. I use and plan to use this as my party's home base in an upcoming Tr [...]
March 15th, 2013
Simply amazing. Beautiful. And helped me flesh out a Crazy Ivan direction my PCs took this week quickly. I can't recommend the Future Armada series enough... [...]
November 16th, 2012
This map is awesome. I'd like to see some sci-fi bases or alien buildings from this publisher. I highly recommend this map!! [...]
October 24th, 2012
Vanguard Station is a nice set for running a good claustrophobic space horror game. Nowhere to run and no where to hide! The options for both full color and line drawings are nice along with a "GM's map" version for easy notation. Like all in [...]
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