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Crisis in Freeport

Crisis in Freeport

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A New Sea Lord!

From the moment a band of daring adventurers toppled Sea Lord Drac's regime and exposed his madness and corruption, Freeport has endured a long and arduous Succession Crisis. For with Drac's fall, there was no clear successor and the law was clear: only a blood relative of the Drac line can take the seat of the Sea Lord. With no heirs and no legitimate kin to claim the title, the seat of the Sea Lord has stood vacant.

But a new day has dawned.

After endless deliberation, the Captains' Council has overturned the Law of Succession so a new Sea Lord can be elected. But all is not well. With a new era of stability on the horizon, Freeport faces its darkest hour yet. Mobs have taken to the street, foul plots are afoot, and ambitious leaders jockey for the power to take Freeport for themselves. As the city descends into anarchy, everyone wonders whether the new Sea Lord, if he can even take power, will return the City of Adventure to its golden age, or begin a new era of terror.

Crisis in Freeport is a d20 adventure designed for four to six characters of 7th to 9th level. Characters that play through its events will see the birth of a new age for Freeport, one finally free from the deadly hand of Milton Drac. Who will be the new Sea Lord? Find out in Crisis in Freeport!

Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons®, Third Edition Core Books, by Wizards of the Coast, for use. Utilizes material from the v.3.5 revision.

PDF Features:Created from source files - not a scanned PDFBookmarkedGold Vendor Updates*Best with Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 or laterEdition Credits:Design: Chris Pramas, Robert J. Schwalb, and Rodney ThompsonEditing: Joanna G. HurleyDevelopment: Robert J. SchwalbArt Direction and Graphic Design: Marc Schmalz and Hal MangoldCover Art: Jonathan KirtzInterior Art: Toren "Macbin" Atkinson, Kent Burles, Britt Martin, and David GriffithCartography: Sean MacDonald Executive Producer: Chris PramasGreen Ronin Staff: Bill Bodden, Steve Kenson, Nicole Lindroos, Hal Mangold, jim pinto, Chris Pramas, Evan Sass, Marc Schmalz, and Robert J. Schwalb

* If this edition of the publication is updated due to the discovery and correction of typos or errata, you will get a free download of the corrected edition.

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