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e-Adventure Tiles: Dungeons Vol. 1

e-Adventure Tiles: Dungeons Vol. 1

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e-Adventure Tiles
Dungeons Vol. 1

by Edward Bourelle

Take your adventures into the dark places of the world.

e-Adventure Tiles: Dungeons Vol. 1 is designed to add ease, detail and excitement to your campaign; never worry about mapping on the spot again! e-Adventure Tiles: Dungeons Vol. 1 contains everything you need to print out and construct a sprawling network of rooms and passages.

This e-Adventure Tile set contains 25 six by six inch square tiles, for over six square feet of adaptable, interchangeable, and ready-to-use adventure terrain (and that is only counting each tile once - you can print them as much as you like)!

e-Adventure Tiles feature the artwork of RPG cartographer Edward Bourelle and is designed for use with your favorite miniatures.

The Bonus Tiles for this set can be found in e-Adventure Tiles: Annual 1

More than 50 FREE bonus tiles in one download.

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May 20th, 2016
Very nice. Lightyears better than those bland squares I have been using. Mounting mine on 1/2 inch MDF board (Modge Podge glue), cuts fairly easly (jigsaw) and some belt sander work to smooth the sides (goes very quickly). I then paint the edges a [...]
Michael T. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
April 30th, 2011
This is your bog-standard dungeon set. It includes tiles to make large rooms with open entrances as well as doors. There is also one tile with a column in it. The corridors are two spaces wide (two inches or ten feet) and include turns, a three-way int [...]
June 21st, 2008
I am a huge e-Adventure tiles fan. All of these are great. This is a must have basic set. [...]
February 25th, 2008
I own a lot of SK Games' tiles, and they are awesome. They're well worth the price. I use them as jpgs with Map Tool on a cloned monitor, and they really bring the setting alive. Hopefully, they will get the town/city tiles going soon! [...]
October 22nd, 2007
Great tiles for wargaming or roleplaying. Great artwork and variety. [...]
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