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Guild Adventurer #1
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Guild Adventurer #1

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The first issue of The Guild Adventurer has arrived. The Guild Adventurer is a compilation of original adventures and adventure-related material for Rolemaster, Shadow World, Spacemaster, and HARP. Our all-star cast of contributors have created the following rich and diverse set of scenarios to put the adventure back into your games:

  • "The Temple of the Three", a Shadow World adventure written by Terry Amthor himself, the creator of Kulthea, and dual-statted for RM2 and RMFRP;
  • "Prisoners of Cherin Keep", an adventure by Ivan Kline, Coleen Kelly, and J. Ricco McMillan, dual-statted for Rolemaster and HARP;
  • "The Paranoia Game", a Spacemaster:Privateers adventure by Robert Defendi, author and designer of the entire Spacemaster:Privateers product line and of the stunning Echoes of Heaven setting from Final Redoubt Press ( also available via this RPGNow link);
  • The Vampire's Barrow, a HARP adventure by Nicholas HM Caldwell, author of Mentalism Companion, Construct Companion, College of Magics, and HARP SF;
  • "People, Places and Paraphernalia: The Flying Toadstool Inn", an adventure location for HARP by Allen Maher, contributor to the HARP character compilation, Friends & Rivals;
  • "People, Places and Paraphernalia: The Red Hooded Traveler's Inn", an adventure location for HARP by Aaron Smalley, author of City of Archendurn;
  • with maps by Joel Lovell and Dan O'Donnell, original artwork by Rick Hansen and Dan O'Donnell, and a layout by Andrew Ridgway.
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January 15th, 2014
I was astounded, jaw hanging. I heard about rolemaster and HARP (but never played it) but never the guild adventurer magazine. So, one fateful day, I was scouring around in DTRPG for a new game system to sink my "eyes" into and I chanc [...]
September 20th, 2013
The Guild Adventurer magazines are awesome. They provide some great gaming supplements that are extremely helpful in in or out of a pinch. You can't beat the low cost of these PDF's for the quality and amount of what you get in each ezine. They are mor [...]
December 3rd, 2011
I find this to be an excellent product. Not every part of it will be usable in every gaming group, but you can use it for your own adventures. There are some minor issues with the production, like the title of the PDF file being "Layout 1", [...]
May 17th, 2007
I like the Guild Adventurer Issue One very much. Nice locations and very good adventures. I?'ve already used "The Vampire's Barrow" and it was really good. I hope that there will be an Issue Two soon. :)<br><br> < [...]
April 23rd, 2007
I thought this was great. Cant wait for the next one.<br><br> <b>LIKED</b>: Shadow world afventure<br><br><b>DISLIKED</b>: nothing<br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Very Good<br><br& [...]
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