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Digging Up Trouble
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Digging Up Trouble


Professional brigand, ne’er-do-well, and troublemaker Cooper Mutt has come into possession of a map that supposedly leads to buried treasure. As he makes his way towards Houndton, by way of Waterdog Port, he is assailed by a band of ruffians. The party, traveling to Waterdog Port to carry a message, happens upon the scene of this scuffle. With the party’s aid, Cooper should be able to easily run the ruffians off.

Impressed by the heroism of the characters (or because he is bored/lonely/needs extra sets of hands) Cooper asks them to accompany him to find a great treasure! According to his map it shouldn’t be far from their meeting place at all. Just a little walk toward the riverbank. What Cooper neglects to mention is the fact that there are pirates from the crew of the Miss Fortune hot on his trail.

The characters must decide who to trust and possibly fight for their lives as the situation escalates into a wild free for all! The prize is a chest full of plastic, unusual Masterwork items that once belonged to an ancient bandit, and the gratitude (or enmity) of the assembled parties.

Digging up Trouble is an adventure for characters of levels 1-3 and includes:

  • New NPCs including Cooper Mutt, Captain Windy Whipper, her First Mate Boris Borzoi, and stat blocks for a Pirate Crew!
  • A new Masterwork Item: Pine-Scented Plastic Armor
  • Several seeds for Future Stories

Compatible with Pugmire


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Customer avatar
Colin C February 25, 2018 12:52 am UTC
What did you envision the pine-scented armour as looking like? Please always try to make magic items desirable/personalized; players should *desire* them even if they are relatively minor in effect. They should *feel* magical and unique. Bryce Lynch has some great advice here:
Customer avatar
Travis L March 02, 2018 5:12 am UTC
Apologies for the delayed response, I just saw this. You raise an excellent point! I had sort of envisioned it as visually unassuming plate, which would stand out due to it's scent (or lack thereof) more than any visible attribute. I will update the text to reflect that accordingly (though I would also encourage any Guide to replace that description with whatever they feel is dramatically appropriate.

Customer avatar
Travis L March 02, 2018 7:35 pm UTC
An update has been sent out to include this information. Thanks!
Customer avatar
Colin C March 03, 2018 1:09 am UTC
Thanks for the understanding and update, Travis, it's much appreciated, and you've just ensured I check out anything else you create for Pugmire. :-)
Customer avatar
Travis L March 03, 2018 1:14 am UTC
Thank you for the feedback and interest! I have a few things cooking to be released for Pugmire soon!

Please consider leaving a rating and review. They are immensely helpful!
Customer avatar
Colin C March 03, 2018 1:17 am UTC
No worries; there are a few tools for Pugmire on my blog that you may find handy, whether in adventure creation or play:
Customer avatar
Travis L March 03, 2018 1:25 am UTC
Thanks so very much! I'll give it a look!
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