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100 Arcane Book Subjects

100 Arcane Book Subjects

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So the adventurers have found a vast library in the wizard’s tower. But what are the subjects of these arcane related books? Simply roll the percentile dice as needed and find out.

100 Arcane Book Subjects is a universally compatible, single page product that allows the Game Master another quick reference chart to place in fantasy opera gaming folder.

Page Count: 1 Page
Dave Woodrum

Download Speed: Ultra Fast! (Under 25k)

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September 15th, 2008
Not very long ago, I needed to throw a couple of useless but flavorful magic books onto an NPC's bookshelf. I wish I'd already purchased this product before that adventure. I came up with a couple of reasonable-sounding titles, but this list of 100 arc [...]
July 16th, 2008
its always handy to have a list of 100 somethings... cause even I can only come up with so many names and such... [...]
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