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Evil Genius #1: World Domination (M&M Superlink)

Evil Genius #1: World Domination (M&M Superlink)

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Evil Genius #1: World Domination is a collection of five adventures for M&M Superlink Second Edition, each with a different mastermind plot to conquer the world. Or just destroy it. Sometimes with these evil geniuses it's hard to tell the difference.

High Noon - Beams of light focused by orbiting crystal clouds cut massive trenches across the countryside.

The Brain-Taker - Disgraced scientist Gordon Bockhurst builds a device to drain the mental energy from whole cities and take it for himself, giving him superhuman intelligence and deadly telepathic powers.

The Cornfields - Genetically altered seeds spawn towering mutant plant-giants, striding out of the farmlands and towards the cities.

Luck Be A Lady - The infamous Crimson Claw uses Shang-gong mysticism to steal luck from gamblers to give himself the power of the celestial gods.

Ice Age - In a final stroke of revenge, Dr Null uses the Earth's own gravity to push the planet out of orbit, sending it farther from the Sun and plunging the whole world into a new ice age.

Includes new Action Shticks (including Evacuation Montage, Intercept the Missile, Crowd Control and Airplane Mayday), GM Craft tips, and variants to let you adjust the adventures to fit your game.

Even though these scenarios are written using a particular villain, the crux is the mastermind plot, so you can easily swap in any mastermind you prefer. Don't want to use Dr Null? Replace him with any other scientific supervillain, or even a non-scientific villain who has kidnapped the world's foremost scientists and secretly put them to work.

Later releases in the Evil Genius series will cover other adventure themes, because the real evil genius isn't the criminal mastermind, it's the person behind the GM's screen. And we love you for it.

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January 26th, 2007
Another great product from Lame Mage Productions every PDF I have purchased from Lame Mage I have been very happy with With this and other Lame Mage Products Dr Null will be the greatest super vilian of all time with no superpowers The o [...]
Nathan C. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
January 25th, 2007
Despite the exciting adventures, the best part of Evil Genius: Issue 1 World Domination, is the four page introduction. Evil Genius: Issue 1 World Domination, by Lame Mage productions, is an Adventure Scenario book for the Mutants and Mastermin [...]
December 6th, 2006
Lame Mage Productions is one of a very small group of Superlink producers whos work is consistantly of very high quality. Its even more imprssive when you realise that its all done by one guy (Ben Robbins). I have purchased all the Lame Mage products [...]
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