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Torg Eternity: The Paraverse
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Torg Eternity: The Paraverse

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A parallel Cosmverse of Torg and Torg Eternity

The Paraverse is an alternate Cosmverse for use with the Torg Eternity ruleset.

While it is a separate setting, many of the rules provided can be used directly with Torg Eternity.
The Paraverse is a mix of the original Torg game from the 1990s melded with Torg Eternity.

Most realities have new Perks, and an additional spell, miracle, and/or psionic power (if applicable) and creatures.

Aysle: Enchanting armor through the Law of Enchantment, and magic armor/weapons based on original Torg.
Azteca: A new realm based on the idea presented in the original Torg adventure "High Lord of Earth." 10 Cosm cards for the Realm.
Core Earth: The state of the world in the Paraverse and how Storm Knights can operate without the Delphi Council.
Cyberpapacy: GodNet rules that let the whole party go into the GodNet. New Cyberware.
Living Land: Stalengers as a player race.
Lost Land: A Nile Empire/Living Land mix inspired by the Land Below.
Nile Empire: Weird Science and Terran player characters.
Orrorsh: Lyncanthropy and Vampyrism.
Pan-Pacifica: Martial Arts techniques of original Torg as new Ki-Powers.
Star Sphere: The remnants of a civilization which crashed landed in South America. Biotechnology. Space God Client species as player races.
Tharkold: Grids, new Occultech, and Tharkoldu as a player race.

A GM section with rules for using Battle Mats/Grid combat, over 30 allied NPCs with stat blocks that can be used as connections and a link to join the Circle of Knights organization.
A two-act adventure that takes the Storm Knights from the Living Land and introduces them to Azteca.

122 pages
Original Art

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Diskussionen (4)
Customer avatar
May 26, 2018 8:27 pm UTC
From my understanding, the Infiniverse Exchange isnt currently set up for POD. When it happens, I'll see what i can do to get it in POD form. I'd like to have one myself :)
Customer avatar
Brennon T May 27, 2018 9:06 am UTC
Sounds good thanks. :)
Customer avatar
Brennon T May 26, 2018 10:36 am UTC
I'm really waiting for this to get a POD version, so I can buy it & hold it in my hands. :)
Customer avatar
Craig H April 01, 2018 3:55 pm UTC
POD? please!!!!
Customer avatar
Carl M March 21, 2018 8:42 pm UTC
Holy heck, there is a lot of work gone into this book! It's great. I've only just finished skimming it and reading up on some of the new realms, monsters and equipment. If you play Torg and don't buy this, you should be kicking yourself!
Brilliant job, guys! Now what about a POD version? Lol.
Customer avatar
March 24, 2018 9:37 pm UTC
Thanks! I am glad you are enjoying it.
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