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Runic Weapons
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Runic Weapons


Runic Weapons is a short D20 fantasy supplement that provides an alternative way to produce magical items from that given in Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition. With this system, you a +1 weapon need not be BOTH +1 to hit and +1 to damage, but could instead be just +1 to hit or just +1 to damage. It also provides a groundwork for creating upgradable magical weapons and armor, much like some of your favorite CRPGs allow. The system also allows for the creation of quick and dirty one-shot magic weapons and items, as well as treasured herilooms that took generations to carve, adding another depth to the value of magic in your game. Along with the system, this booklet also details roughly 150 magic runes to get you started.

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February 19th, 2004
The best way to use this, I think, is in conjunction with Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed; adapt this to the runethane class, and you're good to go! At least, that's what I plan on doing with it. :) [...]
February 2nd, 2004
For being marked as a D20 product I would expect some more rules. For instance there are no priceing amounts for the runeic items. The rules for how many runes an item can have and how long they take to etch are very loose and open to much interpretati [...]
December 12th, 2003
I love this work! I only wish the author would expand the system to include all magical items. Much better than the standard D&D system for making magic weapons, I'm just surprised it's so cheap! [...]
July 11th, 2003
This is for someone who wants to try osmetbing different with magic item creation and powers. It can be used as a base on which you can expand with only a little bit of your own imagination. I found it useful for magic in settings which are not your [...]
July 10th, 2003
This is a set of home rules, and it shows. Still they present some very interesting possibilities and for that I'm greatful. I'm always looking for material to take the game to new and interesting places. I'm also supremely unsatisfied with not only [...]
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