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Hammer & Klaive
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Hammer & Klaive

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Living Metal and Thundering Bone

A silver knife twists in mid-blow, striking unerringly at a foe's heart as if it were alive. A dagger made from a great beast's fang bites deeper into a wound. A whirling bullroarer calls up a thunderstorm, and a simple reed flute lulls a monster into sleep. With the help of the spirits, the impossible becomes easy. With the right fetish in hand, a werewolf becomes unstoppable.

May the Spirits Guide My Blade

Hammer and Klaive is the ultimate guide to fetishes - the magical weapons and tools of Werewolf: The Apocalypse, each one empowered by a spirit and granted the supernatural power to do the impossible. With this book, players can find new fetishes that their characters can aspire to attain or even create, and Storytellers can arm both allies and enemies with new, deadly toy. The next Excalibur is just waiting to be wrested from the stone - or plunged into an enemy's heart.

Note: The Black & White print editions of this book are not full-bleed. Because of printing requirements there is a small white border around the edge of the pages.

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July 7th, 2017
Excellent book. This is our go to book for weapons and fetishes for the Werewolf group I am a part of. You can find almost anything you need in here to make your character a little more awesome. As usual Whitewolf knew what they were doing. [...]
October 18th, 2012
I bought the POD physical copy. I also have the pdf. I have wondered for some time about the quality of these products compared to the original prints. Some details: the covers are nicely done and full color. The colors are bolder and a bit more [...]
March 22nd, 2008
Simply a must have for werewolf ST and players alike giving invaluable information about how to treat fetishes and handle them culturally as well as giving some nice new fetishes as well as legendary fetishes. [...]
April 22nd, 2007
This book offers many new and useful fetishes. It is extremely rare and expensive to come by, I would highly recommend the download. [...]
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