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Slagtown: Eden

Slagtown: Eden

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Imagine a mega-corporation going bankrupt on a hundred worlds. What would happen to their half-built planned cities? Slagtown: Eden is a construction set for 28mm sci-fi skirmish wargaming that lets you game in a dystopian future of urban blight, where squatters and gangs, riff-raff and unemployed battle each other, law enforcement, and the military among abandoned, half-built homes, offices, and factories.

Using a system of simple elements--girders, platforms, ladders, and walkways that slot into the platforms--you can build large construction sites and industrial complexes for gaming.

In addition to the basic elements, you also get a shipping container and transport truck, as well as a rampart to turn the container into a fortified building or the truck into a moving gun plstform. Containers can be stacked with a rampart at the top to create towers, connected end to end as walls, or scattered about as a shanty town. A set of modular stairs can connect different levels, and barricades quickly add cover.

There are twenty pages of models and an eleven page instruction manual. Included on the pages are:

  • five different girder lengths,
  • five different lengths of walkways that can double as ramps,
  • two pages of ground and concrete to use as bases for your models,
  • two pages of deck plating for your platforms,
  • four pages of ladders, including platforms that let your figures climb the ladders,
  • a page of edging to give your platforms a finished look,
  • one page of modular stairs,
  • one page of barricades,
  • one shipping container,
  • one truck that can carry the shipping container,
  • a rampart for turning the shipping container into a tower or fortified walls.

Many pages are crammed with extras.

Here are some examples of what you can do with Slagtown: Eden:

You can spend hundreds--even thousands--on expensive resin terrain, then weeks of painting before your gaming friends see your two or three masterpieces. Or . . . you can spend a few dollars and a few hours and cover the table.

That's why we're called Finger and Toe Models. We won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Come visit us at and see what you can do with Slagtown: Eden.

NOTE: the paper miniatures in the pictures are for scale comparisons only and are not included, nor are they for sale.

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April 19th, 2011
This is an excellent construction kit to build post-apocalyptic terrain/scenery. As such, I think that most of the fun with this product comes from planning your next project and putting it together with the existing parts. In this sense, it is a diffe [...]
August 30th, 2010
This is a great set for the genre. You'll thank me for encouraing you to purchahse it. Look at all Finger and Toe products - They're the best in quality and value. Happy Modeling - Marc [...]
December 1st, 2009
I think this is a great set! Although the price appears to be a little high, It does appear that this is a base set that you really should use when purchasing all their nifty addons. Also I really like the infinate construction possibilities. However, [...]
August 27th, 2007
A superb set with great conversion potential. More of a "constructor" package than an actual model. The instructions took a little time to understand but the vast range of alternative makes this a highly desireable addition to any terrain set [...]
May 9th, 2007
The Slagtown Eden set really gives you the option to create either a complete tabletop full of derelict buildings or with a bit of work a sort of Shantytown. Slagtown Eden will fit in seamlessly with other Modern to Near-Future cardstock sets currently [...]
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