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Fantasy Occupations & Signs

Fantasy Occupations & Signs

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The d20 Modern game introduced an occupation system that adds minor advantages to characters while providing a lot depth. Characters have a background, and they gain benefits from their occupation past making a simple skill roll.

Unfortunately, the occupations are very specific to the modern setting, as most reference skills and feats that don't translate well to the fantasy setting. This profession system is the Fantasy version of the modern occupation system. It fleshes out the things a character's profession skill stands for, and gives the character's life before she became an adventurer a little more meaning.

The occupations presented in this PDF include:

Academic Wizard
City Guard
Hedge Wizard
Hospitality Worker

The second section of this PDF deals with Astrological signs and a way to introduce them into your campaign.

The sign under which a person was born can be very significant. The fact that practically every newspaper published in the US has a horoscope section speaks to the fact that even if we don't believe that the position of the stars effects us, we'd very much like to.

The mechanism for including astrology into your games is simple by design. Two moons, Luna and Io, travel through the thirteen zodiac houses. The moon Luna grants a minor bonus when it is in a character's house, and the moon Io bestows a minor penalty. Several methods of tracking the moon's location during a given adventure are also presented.


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June 16th, 2007
This is a logical conversion of the profession system from d20 Modern to d20 fantasy. It's hardly a new thing and goes back to the days of 2nd Edition kits. Your character has a background that provides you with a feat or another ability and several sk [...]
Nathan C. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
March 16th, 2007
I have encountered quite a few players whom believe that PCs just grown on the PC tree, and fall off whenever a new campaign begins or an old character dies. Some of the ripe ones come equipped with tasty backgrounds of past deeds the PC completed. Th [...]
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