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Fantasy Grounds II - Lite License

Fantasy Grounds II - Lite License



EXE File

"Real dice, real sheets -- real RPGs online"

There is the original pen & paper RPG you like. It has a distinct look, feel and maybe even smell. So far, you've perhaps taken it for granted that no software could improve or come even close to that gaming experience you enjoy while playing it with your friends. Well we've brought all of that online, save the smell.

Fantasy Grounds II is a virtual tabletop for pen & paper role-playing games. It provides all the tools you need to play your favorite RPG online, including the dice, sheets, tokens, maps, notes, the whole works. 3.5E fantasy rules are supported out of the box, but Fantasy Grounds can be customized and extended to suit almost any RPG. Additional rulesets, token packs, map modules and campaigns can be created with the FULL license and shared with friends.

  • A user interface specifically designed to capture the spirit of pen & paper role-playing
  • An array of communication channels for the players and gamemaster
  • Sharable sheets, maps and notes
  • Paraphernalia familiar to Pen & Paper players such as drawings, character sheets, portraits, tokens and rulebook reference material
  • Combat made easy with turn indicators and combat trackers
  • Interactive fully realistic 3D dice
  • Maps and images with additional layers for drawing and grids. The Gamemaster can reveal images gradually to the players by unmasking areas using a paint tool.
  • Pointers and indicators usable by all users to create lines, cones, circles or squares in any orientation on maps.
  • Fully extendable and modifiable rulesets
  • Compatible with the 3.5E fantasy system (SRD)

This package contains the LITE version of Fantasy Grounds II. With it you can:

  • Join games as a player
  • Create characters locally to take with you into a game session

If you want to run games as the Gamemaster, please see the full version of Fantasy Grounds II.

To download a demo version, click here.

    A player's view
    (click for larger version)

    Screenshot 2:
    A player's view
    (click for larger version)

    System requirements:

    • Windows XP or Vista with DirectX 9.0 and a DirectX 9.0 compatible video adapter
    • Pentium 3 500MHz or equivalent
    • RAM: 256 MB
    • Video memory: 32 MB
    • Hard drive space: 30 MB
    • Internet Connection


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    January 19th, 2010
    I'm having trouble installing the patches to Fantasy Grounds II lite. [...]
    February 20th, 2009
    The program is a good place to play. It sure beats the old school days of drawing out maps on paper and having to imagine what everything looks like. [...]
    July 8th, 2008
    Great program. It lets you game with friends no matter where any of you are. Compliment it with a voice chat, and you are ready to go. We currently use Skype because it seems to come in clearer, but Yahoo IM with Voice Chat works well also. I recommend [...]
    May 27th, 2005
    An excellent way of keeping up the gaming when hundreds of miles separate you from your players/Dungeon Master LIKED: It's flexibility DISLIKED: Nothing QUALITY: Very Good VALUE: Very Satisfied [...]
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