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The Arcane Tome Of Mycology

The Arcane Tome Of Mycology

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Back in 2005 Top Fashion Games went out on a left field limb and released a very different sort of product entitled Fantasy Fungi. As this product was rather unique in subject and content the speculation was that the game market audience would either love it, kinda like it, or flat out hate it. At Top Fashion Games we were dreaming of the "loving it", figuring on (with fingers crossed) the "kinda liking it", and fearing the "flat out hating it". Much to our surprise the results of the pdf release gave our humble company quite a few 5 star ratings and Fantasy Fungi has become one of our most profitable sellers.
Though future releases of Fantasy Fungi were speculated we never intended for the first release to be a "core book" of any sort and as such there has been a bit of difficulty of re-introducing the nature of our game system fungi in other products without having to repeat a bit of lengthy terminologies and explanations. As such, it was decided that we should release a new fungus book that would serve as a core rules system. Such a product should carry the appropriate information regarding the make up of the logical rules surrounding the fungi and should also carry any initial needed extras, such as important or extremely useful feats, monsters, and so forth. Finally, in order to make such core rules regarding fungi extremely accessible the pdf book should be offered for free over the net.
The pdf that you are now looking at is the results of this decision. By taking a wee bit from the first Fantasy Fungi book and adding in a great deal of new, fresh material we have created the "core fungus" book of our desired intentions.
After nearly two years of post release play Top Fashion Games has gained a better focus on the direction of future fungi products and our own gaming group players have gained a great deal of cautious respect towards toadstools whenever the DM pulls out the notes from the original Fantasy Fungi release. So please, by all means, enjoy this free core product and give your players a new sense of respect for the powers of fantastical fungi!
What This PDF Contains: Within the pages of this pdf you will find the following...
Fungal Growths: Not a monster but an interesting encounter all the same, this pdf covers over a dozen different types of fungal growths. Though a small handful have been pulled from the original Fantasy Fungi book most of the fungal growths in this pdf are brand new, never before seen fantastical fungi. The terminology, or game rules, of the fungal growths have also been updated.
Fungal Feats: New fungal related feats.
Fungal Spells: New spells that are of a fungal related nature.
Fungal Monsters: New monsters that are of a fungal nature or interest. Also provided is information regarding the attachment of a new Fungus subtype to pre-existing common monsters found in the SRD 3.5 rules.

Page Count:
25 Pages

Written By:
Dave Ford
Dave Woodrum

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